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Trump announced last year. He would withdraw the US from the fifteen Paris deal to combat climate change also rolled back some Obama era environmental and climate protections for increased production of domestic fossil fuels. General Motors is stopping the allocation of products for five North American plants next year is it also looks to possibly ceased production at those facilities member station. W D E T brianna Tinsley as more GM says in a statement, the decision came as demand for smaller cars as declining and demand for SUV's is rising. Michelle crabs is the executive analysts for auto trader dot com. She says that the move does not necessarily mean closure for all the plants. There's a possibility that during next year is unite union negotiations with the UAW that there could be some negotiating for new product going into some of these plants that have been announced as closing crabs. Says GM's decision as part of a plan to get ahead of an expected downturn in sales. She says the automaker is also looking to cut costs as it focuses more on autonomous in electric vehicles. For NPR news. I'm brianna tensely. In Detroit is latest probe has landed. Safely on Mars as NPR's. Joe palca explains. Now mission managers will start getting it ready to gather scientific information when scientists and engineers looked at the first picture to come back from the probe called insight. They were delighted at how boring it looked. They wanted a flat rock free landing site. And it appears they got one insights sensitive instruments will eventually be placed on the Martian surface by a robotic arm and a smooth spot makes that easier among other things the instruments will study Mars quakes the Martian equivalent of earthquakes waves from these quakes. We'll tell scientists more about the interior structure of Mars the first scientific data should come back. From insight in a matter of months. Joe palca NPR news at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. Here's of drugstore chain CVS and health insurance EDNA rose today do companies saying they expect to close on their sixty nine billion dollar megamerger sometime this week regulatory filings. The company said they received the necessary approvals and hope to be able to close on the deal Wednesday. A strong start to the week. For Wall Street, the Dow was up three hundred fifty four points. This is NPR KCRW at seven oh four. Good evening. I'm Steve take is. Here's what's happening right now. The Democratic Party could pick up yet another seat in the next congress, the incoming congress in January democrat TJ Cox is now taking the lead over incumbent Republican David Valla when the central valley, it is a major turnaround from election day when Cox trail by nearly forty five hundred votes. Democrats will hold at least forty five of California's house seats in the new congress up from thirty nine before the midterms a win by TJ Cox would send that number to forty six. There are however tens of thousands of more votes to count in California in Fresno, Kern kings, Larry counties, the election must be certified by December. Seventh could be some big changes coming to California schools next year. Governor elect Gavin Newsom is likely to have the support he needs from the democratically controlled legislature for his cradle to college. System. That's exactly what it sounds like a promise for a statewide data system that would track the progress of students from early childhood through college Suzannah Loeb is an expert on education policy at Brown University. She says, those kinds of systems have been neglected. We don't follow students through early childhood to know what they are with being how they are developing. Other states are doing a better job of it. And other data system is estimated to cost between two and three million dollars a year per year. I should say new some also promised universal preschool of a much larger price tag of about two billion dollars per year. The governor elect, however has not revealed how he will pay for that program for any program for that matter in case you missed it. The federal government released a landmark report detailing the devastating impacts of climate change over the thanksgiving holiday. They did it on Friday. During a long holiday weekend and his KCRW Jenny Hamill tells us, the scientists behind that report have particularly dire warnings for the state of California this national climate assessment mandated by congress was issued by thirteen federal agencies. They rushed to finish the report as firefighters were pushing to gain one hundred percent containment on the state's deadliest wildfire. And the report does point to California's recent wildfires saying it's a sign of things to come that air quality will only get worse and burned areas. In southwestern California alone could double by twenty fifty the scientists say warmer water along the California coastline could contribute to quote, more harmful algae blooms death of birds and sea lions closures of fisheries and economic loss to sectors dependent upon coastal marine resources KCRW's, Jenny Hammond. Reporting for us this evening other reports conclusions are at odds with President Trump's climate policies. But some critics of the. President say the full and fair release of that assessment could actually help states such as California in federal court as they challenge those.

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