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Oh i think at first they were claiming that the actual bomber was blown up in van but then the last report. I saw said that they didn't know if that was the case or not and they were still trying to figure it out but i didn't go back to it so i don't know i'm sure i'm not sure how that story ended. But it's just interesting that again being passive about what why people are capable love historically and will continue to be capable of. It's just an introduction to have this shit keep happening you know what i'm saying like there should have been more bloodshed on that day in the capital riot people should have understood that they It's just i think about all the details again and it replays over and over again. We were so close to having like politicians literally massacred on live tv. You know what. I'm saying like there was no cutting the beam. There were no. The national guard is coming. And you know at this time. We're gonna talk amongst ourselves while they handle that shit down you know and it's like for us to funnel so much money into the military budgets and to say like. Oh you know this is to protect whatever it is but then to turn around and be like oh we'll just going to let the white people do what they want. We're going to let them go home. We're going to waste money. Not detaining them right now but after they go back to their hotels after go back to. It's just that will never not hold weight with me. And i think that other people are kind of sort of discussing it but there are denouncing. This isn't us and the more that we the more. The more america tries to say this isn't us the more that they become complicit. When these things happen and be it's it's just it makes it easier for people to know that there are white that they have privilege that they're american but they can go do these things You know under the guise of white supremacy and they will be protected they will be let in by republican officials. They will be. You know encouraged to keep doing these did.

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