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I heard everybody was disappointed a draw really a draw in seat when you have these sports that are judged like boxy isn't and i know that ufc is as well with boxing's had a lot of back decisions to me they made that a draw so they could ever we net and apparently i'm not going to buy that somebody's puerto one eighteen 110 one of the the female judge she's been reassigned turn a lot of heat for two hundred six career fights gift his record was i didn't realize this hundred six career fights a trick lamont i think he had 83 with it says here total fights hundred six hundred six no no i can't be right no he's he he lost the lost a a shiro those but i think he had eighty three let's go to nantes the windiest sources sure he had this stat out while we checks of traffic you're all in with john morressy the stopped her thoughts phone onto on military what we've got our cells a busy one going home it looks like we've got a crash or that 25 at one ig the firestone exits getting up down that's going to be slow crash on the southeast get around town on e 470 after he passed park road up your ireland that bridge there before you get up to a gartrell and then eastbound rebel jordan in the czech center that crash is causing some delays there so a lot of people are using i 25 is dead that's not not making any french on i fought i 25 through the czech should have heavy it both directions you juju vibe drive that ramp from northbound 275 to parker was closed earlier it is reopened but that's a real slow spots in the drive south denver southeastern twotofive both directions and parker wrote down jail pretty heavy ally 25 and i seventy west sudden john eastbound is a better that crash at wardrobe looks like it's out of their heavy traffic on c 470 sixth avenue and that she essay i seventy six drive a juice seventy commerce city probably that is there's a crash in one of the altar there's a lot of people use to highway q at up near ninety sixers greenwich backed up back to quebec are your cbs 4 weather clear tonight down to fifty four sunny and eighty nine tomorrow but breezy all the way through tomorrow so hellfire dangerous high i.

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