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Dan The roy attack champs that will be arcane bro versus shreve office and the queue of eighty styles and almost interfered. Thank goodness they. They just separate almost Aj because also be fucked. He'll be dead in the water. I now do drop defeating. Shane obeys la by Back pin. I mean it was like a tuesday. The submission ended up. I listen to this that that that women's tournament did nothing for them. nothing. I would've thought it would've been all right. Let's let's be fair shake sheena could have won it all. It would've made sense to her. Be the queen of spades but Whenever i guess that doesn't make any sense but then you do job shayna. What a win. Should've one she wouldn't want you to fees alina and the finals. That wouldn't meet any sense because we would have known that would have been crushing. So i guess it would be even more sense for selena of residue job because that whenever i this was horribly both get defeating. Mace aleksei rewards had a heated exchange after the match. Coffee came out and made sure that. That's what it was. Yeah that's what had happened. Bianca and bianca charlotte vehic q. Charlotte hitter with a steel chair. But then pretty much bianca took the chair herself and want to go to work with him. But cheryl's out roy is his role. It's it's awful i. I'm just when he thought that they were going to bounce back and do something different and possibly be a Something go back. The old ways again foggy raw so what we kick off a we show with what Pro this time. We got carmelo hayes talking about his cash in and we need to north american championship. Johnny gargano interrupted. Johnny says an eye on carmelo and As he can drag congratulated him. Johnny said he's lost his way and feel as though that the only way back into getting his self into the into wrestling form will be going after the north american championship title again. He challenged carmelo but Chick williams intervene and just told johnny that yet. Ain't gonna happen here. Also needs to worry about his daughter. Andy hartwell daughter. Fuck going on there. All right india hitting them up and going to the and that's when the the kripo himself. Dexter lewis comes out. Can we just wrestle out. Jones defeats andrei. Chase gonna tell you see jones. He's he's going to be something. I don't know what because when you deal with vince you don't know what the fuck it is getting what him. But we'll see. Because you know you gotta fuck in keith lee. But i guess since he wasn't a wwe products as you came from somewhere else. He's expendable so. Let's see what they do for odyssey. Jones seems like veterans on the black people high. So let's see if he keeps the momentum going for four or five people's imperium defeats the creed brothers after that shida and Hero caused a distraction. After excuse me during during match. Hero and sheet across a distraction ms k. Comes out to attack imperium period and he challenged the period for match titles. Why is the champions chart. Why are they challenging. Challengers i dunno. Justin is all over the place. Cora j defeats electro lopez the. What's with this show. I'm still bothered by this. It doesn't seem to be flowing properly for me. Taxi match we had a we had attack shabby we use for my defeating. Jc jane in a triple threat match with persia porta pre peolpe. This is jaycee andrew to solve once again doing it. I thought i need to stop doing this. Shit that needs to start really doing shit to move. That doesn't is nonsensical. it's done way too often. It's fucking lost its luster years ago and motherfuckers. Getting hurt doing him. I need to stop the ship. Everyone's favorite new jamach gaborone himself. Tony angelo defeats roofing who walking wild and role models. He's josh briggs and brooks jackson l. la night and grayson walker going to get into a battle and we get elevate pulling out a win. We get the him being announced as the host for halloween. Having the one thing that ducks loomis could do which is host that shit. You would give it to him. Okay camello hayes and trick. Williams got involved in invited to decks aluminum open house okay. And the nfc champion and bron breaker defeats grizzled young vets chopper. Breaker had a face off. After the match i get.

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