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Four straight wins at Yankee Stadium. That's not an easy thing to do. And now Red Sox four times it clinched vision again key stadium. Yup. And now they just Clinton today LDS at Yankee Stadium, so far very good. It's always a more bitter pill to swallow for either team when they lose to the other especially in the postseason you get better with experience. And I think I think Aaron boom is going to learn a lot from this is going to look back at this game. And maybe see it in different way, especially with urgency. This is not the regular season. You can't have a long leash on your starters. Especially with the bullpen that you have. And that's the reality that was their strength, and you have to be able to use it. We've seen Craig counsel use it in Milwaukee that's their strength Alex Cora trusted as bullpen. And he said enough with Rick Portillo, I'm going to face nineteen headers. And that's it. Then I'm going to the bullpen and I'm going to play the match ups. I think they were just prepared today before. Knowing exactly what they were going to do in certain situations where with New York they want. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio and the ESPN app. So the Red Sox advanced they get the Astros game. One of the AL CS will be the second half of the double header on Saturday. C S opens on Friday. Primetime. Then they'll play game to during the afternoon on Saturday in LA. So the Red Sox will host the Astros under the lights at Fenway for game one of the AL S. What's that mean? Alex bregman gets his wish this Floyd Mayweather fight. The first flight of the night or does he is he the main event, I mean, this Tiger Woods tee off eight AM. It's about time the the show stroz play on primetime television. So we're looking forward to the LCS show. Stroz kidding getting to play under the lights nationwide. Primetime coverage for game one of the AL and the game too. As a matter of fact on Sunday as well. Bregman after the Astros clinched on Monday, valid desire to the guy's a PTI Sony. Have the network suit's been getting it wrong this postseason? Let me state for the record. I love Alex bregman. I love Alex bregman from his point of view. This is a terrible tragedy. Because this is a team. They are the reigning champion. Okay. One more this year than last year it stars from the network point of view. I tend to agree with the networks. I think that Houston Cleveland is not nearly let's let's the testimonial match testimony. Right. Dodgers race. The dodgers are a very glamorous team. Now, I won't make the case from the walking Colorado, but I will say this. If Colorado is at home you can't play him that early because that's in the third time zone out. Could you can't start them? As we know do whatever they wanted. Let me go back to an Alex bregman quote from earlier in the year, one ad run off about ten or twelve in a row, Houston, the I'll let you know. He said, yeah. Hey, don't tell us when we're playing. Well, we will let you know. This is a better, quote if Al to Springer and Carre down with injuries, we're looking at the most wins in the history of the game. We just we sort of sat around and news with figuring that out that wouldn't happen. You have to love his confidence about his team. They got big stars. And he named half of them. They are the number four market in America in terms of size. So it's not like the Houston people traditional with the national following. But you know, what when you play in the AL CS you're going to be in prime time, and they will be on Saturday. Every pitcher baseball's postseason right through the crowning of a World Series. Champ is here on ESPN radio beginning with the NFL CBS Friday, seven o'clock eastern our coverage here on ESPN radio presented by. Autozone. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Text messages between former Louisville assistant coach Kenny Johnson. And Brian Bowen senior were introduced in court Tuesday showing that the two had planned to meet up in August of last summer. Not the first time a payment had been alleged a direct thirteen hundred dollar payment. But it was an example of direct communication between a member of a coaching staff in a player or parent who had received money as it was shown in court ESPN college sports reporter Jeff four zero. Brian bones senior, he's he's alleged multiple schools made offers for his son, the Christian doctrines one of the defendants on trial. But on Tuesday, we finally saw direct conversation between Bowen senior and a college assistant coach this was with Lou former Louisville assistant Kenny Jonsson, they texted in June of two thousand seventeen where in the text messages day, they decided to meet up and bones senior in his testimony said that he asked Kenny Jonsson for rent money and Johnson declined it. He said he was flabbergasted at the at the comment, but in August, two thousand seventeen exchange more text messages and bone your ass. Kenny Jonsson if he wanted to to square up and meet somewhere, and they did. And according to Bowen senior Monte at that meeting which occurred in a car outside of bone seniors residents Johnson gave volun- senior thirteen hundred dollars. But what's the expectation for tomorrow? Jeff as testimony continues in this case, so Brian bones senior, he's finished with his testimony. The prosecution called Carrie Doyle, she's a. A compliance director at NC state. She's being questioned regarding a forty thousand dollar payment and alleged forty thousand dollar payment. So the father of Dennis Smith junior a former five star recruit played there for one season. I was in the NBA and that payment was allegedly facilitated by an NC state assistant coach Dita's consultant Carrie Doyle, has has said that she had no knowledge of it. But it's clear the defense is trying to do two things. They're trying to paint the picture that especially in regards to Brian Bowen junior that Christian doctrines and the bones had a pre existing relationship and therefore any benefits provided from Dawkins are NCA compliant and above board. But more importantly, I think they are clearly trying to prove that Brian Bowen junior would have been ineligible long before he accepted money on behalf of Adidas with this Louisville, Christian dock and scheme, Brian bones senior admitted that he accepted money since bone was about fifteen years old since early in his high school days, whether it's from an AAU team a high school team. He he said that he has accepted money and the defense is saying, hey, you accepted this money long before. Adidas Adidas paid you to go to Louisville, and therefore, you know, he was ineligible. And we're not the ones that made him. Ineligible. Bowen senior saying he received offers of one hundred thousand dollars and high paying jobs for Bowen, senior and bones mother from Creighton hundred and fifty thousand and eighty thousand dollar car from Oklahoma state and free housing from Texas. Speaking of lawsuits Steelers receiver in Tonio Brown is facing a couple of civil lawsuits from an April incident near Miami where he's alleged to have thrown items off a fourteen floor balcony that nearly hit a child. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. There's a lot to unpack in the latest Antonio Brown saga that features not one but two lawsuits pending in south Florida from an April incident, you have one attorney who's claiming Brown completely trashed a multimillion dollar apartment. You have a police report that says Brown was allegedly very agitated and yelling at security guards. He thought set him up in a potential theft. And then you have another attorney saying that Brown nearly killed a toddler when he was throwing furniture items off of that apartment balcony. Now. Mike Tomlin head coach was asked about this today. He said he has no comment. He knows nothing about the incident. Antonio Brown will most likely be at his locker this week. We will attempt to ask him about it. But Brown seems to be hitting the situation head on. He has hired legal counsel and has.

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