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The way that's the story the Bible tells handed illustrates the shape in order of the Christian life your doctor Michael Ziggler's message life after rescue this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ whatever you know he is calling on Kerry McNamara eight six six ninety right eye over six hundred doctors signed a letter warning the president of the dangers of the continued lockdowns will get to that coming up here a little bit and the other news out there which are really spread quicker than the virus does on contaminated surfaces is that the the CDC now says that corona virus does not spread easily we'll get to the specifics on that but they on their faces I'm services yes does not spread easily on contaminated surfaces and that is a quote it's interesting because I guess fox news was one that went to the CDC website went it changed from what it was a month ago when did that happen and it really wasn't any publicity of that was there no no until this had come out and as they write it's the what's not exactly clear when the federal agency appears to have recently changed its guidelines from early March they say that the virus does not spread easily from touching services surfaces or objects but experts warn that it doesn't mean that it's no longer necessary to take practical and realistic precautions we know we know we know we know yeah right and so we'll get to more of that coming up because that was really interesting and also Mitch McConnell has said there will be no more beefed up unemployment benefits in the next coronavirus bill no six hundred dollars Exter per week in the next bill but they've got until the end of July to make it happen think about that yes yes but I mean if we're talking about extending it just extending it out further a non runner than creasing it then they've gotten they could come up with a bill at the end of July and say we're gonna extended another month or whatever they're going to do so not gonna happen no no I just greet you when government says are stopping spending the money.

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