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Of a different race as it happens on the next episode sort of NPR's codes which we're talking about making a maintaining friendships across racial violence. Listen and subscribe and we're back in. Well let's talk about a common theme of the day. It seems like all throughout the day there is. This consistent refrained from Democrats that if the Senate wanted to learn more extensively could with the addition of witnesses sue. What's the back story here about? Bringing witnesses or not bringing witnesses to the Senate floor we have to go back to the house. Investigation and remember that Democrats Kratz in the House wanted to hear from any number of officials and seek documents and the White House issued a blanket. Answer no to all of this and they were stymied in that investigation and the Senate has its own separate power to try again and the house is trying to lead by Adam. Schiff keep pressure on the senators to use their powers to issue their own subpoenas China's to try to hear from these witnesses the names you hear all the time from Democrats that they've focused on our four key players. The Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney former national security adviser John Bolton and to trump appointees that work in the White House in the NBA. Michael Dovey and Robert Blair not household names but people that would have direct first hand knowledge about the decision making process to withhold the military eight. The Senate has the subpoena power. They could order the testimony of these witnesses complicated by the fact that John Bolton has said if he is subpoenaed he'd be happy to come talk to the Senate. So you have this competing force of Democrats who have an argument that the public has indicated. They're open to public polling shows that they're open to this idea of more witnesses. It's pretty simple to understand and people out there have more information that could clear the president. Then they should hear from it especially at the White House is saying consistently. The president. Hasn't done anything wrong. In fact what he did was perfect could in the White House chief of staff. Illuminate some of that decision making power. So what's all this talk about a potential witness deal and how I guess really potential is so. There's always been this chatter about if you're going to get a witness the on the Senate you need fifty one votes. He would need bipartisan buying. And the idea that Democrats are going to get to call some witnesses that they want means Republicans would have to get a couple of witnesses they want so in this orbit of. Who could you possibly be talking to? There's always been some chatter on the hill and there was a report in the Washington. Post that Democrats McCarthy tried to shoot down today that said hey would if we did offer up somebody like Hunter Biden or Joe Biden. Could we try to bring Republicans to the table with a witness deal deal. The Biden family of course being at the center of this in many ways because trump was asking the Ukrainian president to look into their family so people like shift took great pains today to come out and say we're not doing this..

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