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Day, we get updated numbers across the state of California and from The San Diego County Borders Elections Office of Registrar of Voters Today They only counted 10,000 ballots. They went down from 43,000 ballots left to count down to 33,000. That's not a surprise when you start getting into these last ballots. These are their hardest to count ballots because they require more research. The original count of like 350,000 ballots. They were able to knock 100,000 off a day because they were literally just opening envelopes and checking signatures and scanning him. These last ballots are hard to count because there's probably something wrong with them. For example, some of them are provisional ballots, which means you have to verify the person's actually eligible to vote that they didn't vote somewhere else that they have their paperwork in order or It's a case of a ballot that was in a ah absentee envelope where the signature did not match. And so what they're doing right now. Is there now going out? And knocking on people's doors. Right campaigns are campaigns are knocking on the doors. But also registrars or voters are sending out little cards and making phone calls saying Hey, We got a ballot here with your name on it. But our folks flagged your signature is not matching. And so if you did vote, then you have the ability to cure the vote by coming down here and signing. Ah, you know, documents saying that? Yes, This is your your ballot. It's your signature. Excuse me, So that's why you know, you'll see 100,000 votes or 200,000 votes counted over 2 to 3 Day period. And now you're only seen 10,000 votes in these current days, and it will continue to trickle at that point, but Let me tell you nail biters. The Board of Supervisors Race out in East County, which includes Mesa, Alka Hone San Santy. Ah, ah, Power away. All the East County back country areas. Palli Mayor Steve Boss was leading by 1250 votes and some change on election night against Joel Anderson. Now out of 290,000 some votes. Joy Anderson has now taken the lead by seven votes. Seven votes. We're also watching another very close race. We brought this one to you yesterday. Santy City Council. Dustin Trotter versus Sam Hurst. And yesterday. It got tied exactly the same number of votes 50 50 to the penny 50 50. Today, Sam Hearst has pulled back in the lead by a whopping Two votes. Wow. And that's out of about 7000 cast two votes out of 7000 gassed on DH. What you're going to see is a little bit of sea sighing in these two races for the next couple of days in the Anderson race. I think he's going to take the lead. I think you'll keep the lead in the Santee race, the City Council race. It's probably gonna go back and forth back and forth each and every day on. So when we say every vote counts, we really mean it every Darn vote counts in races like this Now state statewide, There's been a back and forth going on in the Congressional District 25th Congressional district of Los Angeles County there. Ah, my Garcia's up, but Here's the bad news there. Ventura County apparently has counted all the ballots for that district, which is the more conservative piece of that district L. A County still has about 130,000 votes left account in its entire county and which means if you just proportionally split it out. About 8000 votes in some change would be in the 24th congressional district. So that when we're watching closely here is my day for prop 15 obviously way feel good. The No. On 15 side has been up since election night. We're very, very pleased about that. We started out down. It was scary. We were down by about five points. And as like a air we're going to make up the ground and we certainly did again. Prop 15 for those who you don't remember. It's a massive tax increase. We ran the no campaign on DA the Yes campaign were you know Gavin Newsom and all the tax razor Democrat politicians in Sacramento? Well, We started out on the day after election with about 300,000 votes in our column than outside out of like, you know, 12 million cast. We then kept adding to our tally. But Lou last night I started getting a little bit of heartburn because our lead went from like 530,000. Down to 518,214. Then we lost 14,000 votes and we were down to 504,164 this morning, then at 10 o'clock, the updated and we were down to 502,737. You noticed the direction I'm like 00 Now what's going on? We're losing. We're losing votes. You know, we don't have enough of a cushion to continue this rate right? All but by one o'clock we went up to 3 505,030. And then by by three o'clock, 528,411 and just two minutes ago, 543,311 out of 15,344,637 votes. So Nothing to do more analysis on these numbers for prop 15 tonight, but I was almost ready. To declare victory on prop 15 today, but I got the numbers and we started, you know, seeing the seesaw effect. Oh, yeah. I'm not gonna do that. So I will let you know tomorrow. Whether we can declare victory because I think we're at that point where enough of the ballots are in that we could do some mathematical analysis and let you know if it's going to continue to be no. And I suspect it will be. But hey, let me get Let me let me sharpen the pencil and let you know Toenail brighter. It's a nail biter, and it's a big tax increase. So we're all rooting for no toe. Hold quick breaking them. We're back with more on the day. My report. First check traffic. Mike Hancock Chicken. Thank you very much from your helpful San Diego 100 dealers. Traffic center North Five. Crash it and seen it is clear to the right shoulder from the left lanes. You've still got some slow traffic there from Loma Santa Fe on the eastbound 78.

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