Donald Trump, Mark Pilkington, Tadic discussed on No Such Thing As A Fish - Episode 158: No Such Thing As A Weasel's Fridge


And then a few others i found a not tell aji country file does he devil clumsy beekeeper on his tricks woah is that the donald trump related hacking wiretapping operation they were all so tadic likened really understand what they meant k i met a years ago i made a ufo documentary remember that back in two thousand fourteen and i went around meeting a lot of people who both believe in euros by met one guy as well code mark pilkington who made a documentary about the idea that governments are ceding this information into the field of ufo aji and things generally so they kind of creating distractions front and part of the leaks from the snowden leak was a power point that showed members who worked jc edge q how to spread disinformation it was the whole thing i really interesting said deleting this whole ghost hunting malaki is just a bit of a red herring to photos of this and the fact that and to all of our secret and maybe not going all i believe that the russian embassy is haunted let's go to see if we could move i think you'll up self his mr even of a liquor mouses moving organi it's a so i'm outside the front of g c h q uh there were these things called the listening stones have you guys her this an artist created them that these giant there's nine of these stones and they're carved with codes and some of them have just old headlines so the theory is that the stones are.

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