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Say a woman with Alzheimer's wandered from home and died of hypothermia. And an argument over snow removal killed a married couple. The suspect was found dead of a wound believed to have been self inflicted. I'm Julie Walker, President Biden's making it clear he won't settle for a cove in 19 financial relief package he thinks is insufficient. Among other things, he wants to send $1400 to most Americans. Republicans want to send $1000 to fewer Americans. The president's meeting with 10 Republican senators didn't produce an agreement last night. But Senator Susan Collins, who was there, says the meeting was frank and useful. All of us are concerned about struggling families, teetering small businesses and overwhelmed health care system Getting vaccines out. And into people's arms and strengthening our economy and addressing the public health crisis that we face. The number of New Cove in 19 cases is plummeting. Now, as our hospitalizations vaccinations, they're picking up speed. This is AP News. There's news about the man now acquitted in the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, A Pakistan called who's ordered the acquittal of a man found guilty of participating in the murder of American Daniel Pearl and he's being moved off Death row Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the Pakistani British man acquitted of the 2000 and two gruesome beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl off death row. Moved to a so called government safe house a mad side. Omar Shaykh, who has been on death row for 18 years, will be under guard who will not be allowed to leave the safe house, but he will be able to see his wife and Children. The Pakistan government have been scrambling to keep shake in jail since a Supreme Court order last Thursday upheld his acquittal in the death of Pearl. Triggering outrage by the family and the American administration. I'm Charles Dillon Decima and I'm Rita Foley. AP News Think tired of lying awake, tossing and turning, Just hoping for a few hours of sleep. Get to sleep you crave with one of a kind temper pedic on Lee Tempera Pete. It uses proprietary.

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