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He'll start. Naming names mccarthy leans into his microphone and begins his opening questions. Thank you for coming generals. vicar. I'll start by asking you if you're familiar with the case of irving peress the dentist in the army. Yes i am sir generals. Vicar mister peres was promoted. Even though he was under security review as a communist. How do you feel about that decision. That was a bureaucratic. It should not have happened. Harass was then honorably discharged honorably. Tell me general to you. Believe someone gives an honorable discharge to a member of the communist conspiracy that that person should himself be removed from the military. That is not a question for me to decide mccarthy stomach drops what the hell is weaker doing. He's ducking the question. You are ordered to answer the question jen. You are an employee of the people. I want to know how you feel about getting rid of communist. I'm all for it all right and you will answer my question. Do you mean how. I feel toward communist. Carthy is whole body suddenly tightens up. Enrage this man was supposed to be there cooperative witness but he's ducking in a fading questions so high up in the army must've told him to keep his mouth shut. Maybe the president himself mean exactly what i asked general nothing less and anyone with the brains of a five year old child can understand that question but since you need it again if a person gives an honorable discharge to a communist should he himself be removed from the military. I do not think the officer in your hypothetical question should be removed from the military. Then general you should be removed from your command. Any general who says i will protect another officer who protected. Communists is not fit to wear that uniform. You are a disgrace. Mccarthy fields the room grow tents and then an aid from one of mccarthy's fellow. Senators hurries over. He whispers that zwicker one of the heroes of d day. Mccarthy should apologize right away the mccarthy waves him away he has no intention of apologising and he's not scared of the military brass. Mccarthy doesn't have any intention to stop this campaign certainly not now when he so close to uncovering a major conspiracy mccarthy is going to continue his search for communists and their sympathisers. he'll take the search all the way up the army's chain of command even if that brings him to the white house. American scandal is sponsored by ancestry. My grandparents lived through war and the depression your family to face danger or hardship or fought for justice and equality. They were ordinary people who lived through extraordinary times challenging. Times are nothing new but neither are resilient people trace your family's part of the journey with ancestry ancestry helps you search billions of records to learn more about the ancestors who came through remarkable challenges. So you can be here today. 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Says he's not done with your money and he won't stop until he delivers justice to the generals who pamper communists. Eisenhower feels himself starting to sweat with rage. Can't remember the last time he was so angry or humiliated. He's commander in chief of the armed forces in here. Mccarthy is making accusations about his top generals and berating. Them eisenhower decides. He's finally had enough but first. He needs to vent his anger. He looks up from his desk and stares at his chief-of-staff sherman adams our points a finger at adams and says this is all his fault. Adams looks hurt. Yes what eisenhower could possibly mean. Eisenhower's too worked up. He can't help himself. He begins to shout. He says adams was the one who told eisenhower to appease mccarthy. You'll never forget that. Train ride in wisconsin when adams told him to bite his tongue to support mccarthy for reelection and now look what's happened. Eisenhower says the entire. Us army has been dragged through the mud. All because of atoms bad advice adams throws his hands in the air and says he's only done. what's best for eisenhower. And the republicans he needed to consider the future of the party. Eisenhower jumps up and shouts that he doesn't give a damn about the party. He let mccarthy smear. George marshall a war hero. He did nothing. Mccarthy isn't going to get away with this this time. he will take action. Adams stunned vasquez. Eisenhower what he intends to do. Eisenhower walks over to a window and looks out at the gardens. He considers his next steps. Then he turns back and says it's time to release the document. The one the army lawyer has been working on the one showing. How mccarthy tried to blackmail the army to get favors for his wealthy staffer a story like that will end mccarthy's career adam shakes his head and warns eisenhower. That open war is risky but they could do the same damage by working quietly and behind the scenes. Eisenhower's intrigued he wonders. What adams has a mind adams explains that what they need to do is neutralize mccarthy's committee that would neutralize mccarthy himself. What they need to do is take out roy. Cohn mccarthy's attack dog eisenhower paces. The oval office as he considers the proposal. But how do they take out co. adam says it's easy. They can issue mccarthy all tomato either. Fire roy cohn or they'll release the document revealing his corruption. He'll have to choose between his favorite lawyer his own career. The plan sounded good but eisenhower's and sold because there's still a problem. What happens if mccarthy ignored the ultimatum. Adams promises that that won't happen even with carthy is stupid enough to lose his career over a young lawyer. This will be a win for everyone. Except roy cohn mccarthy will keep his mouth shut. he'll keep his job and the republican party will keep. Its majority eisenhower glances at the newspapers on his desk. Once again his instincts say that he should fight mccarthy outright but his chief of staff does have a good point. You cannot risk waging an open war against mccarthy a fellow republican so eisenhower tells adams that he agrees to the plan. They'll try to defanged mccarthy. And they'll do so behind the scenes but they need to be prepared for plan. B the document from the army lawyer needs to be ready for the press because mccarthy may be more reckless than they can even imagine if he doesn't back down. Eisenhower will have to be prepared for war. it's march tenth. Nineteen fifty four in washington dc. It's a bright spring afternoon in the nation's capital. The right now. Joseph mccarthy is on his way to a bar he's planning to drink double martini but he's not going there just to get drunk he's heading to the bar for. What may be very difficult meeting mccarthy scouse as he thinks about the recent weeks ever since he grilled an army general it seems like his friends in washington have disappeared his senate colleagues giving him the cold shoulder even j edgar hoover at the fbi has stopped taking calls and then there was the big event last night the whole country was watching edward r murrow. The broadcaster went on tv lamb mccarthy but the line between investigating and prosecuting is a very fine one. And the junior senator from wisconsin has stepped over it repeatedly. We will not walk in fear one another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. This is no time for men who oppose senator mccarthy's methods to keep silent. Morose words were a direct attack. Came from one of the most beloved figures in american life now more than ever mccarthy consensus that he's facing an existential threat his career is in jeopardy. the meeting. he's about to join. Could only make things worse. Mccarthy opens a heavy door and blaming says he enders dark bar. The walls are stained yellow with cigarette. Smoke the room is mostly empty mccarthy then spots the man he supposed to meet charlie wilson. President eisenhower secretary of defense. Wilson has broad face and bright white hair knee seated all alone at a booth. Mccarthy approaches and takes a seat charlie ac-. Thanks for coming. Joe look at you. I'm surprised you're still standing. Ed murrow sure gave it to you last night. I'm not worried about miro. You'll get what's come to him just like every other communist in the knee. Come on joe knocking off. Mroz no kami and you know that we'll see what i find so tell me. Why did you call this meeting joe. I'll be straight you went after an army general. You attacked ralph's twitter. You accused the army's high brass of being friends of communists. Joe we're talking about the army. You went too far and the president won't stand for so with. This is a very vulnerable time for you going to get worse if you don't play ball. I'm sorry charlie. No i am just the messenger so the president is threatening. You know i can dig up dirt on youtube. I can find information about anyone show. I'm here with a message of mercy. I spoke with president. We're all in agreement. The problem is not you. It's roy cohn so we have an offer fire cone and back off the army and then the white house will be satisfied. Charlie i'm an elected senator. I don't answer to the president all right. But here's the thing. Joe we've got dirt on you and we're prepared to use dark right now. I'm clean and you know it is that right. Well how about you and roy khan trying to pull favors for cones friend. David shine in pressuring for favors at the same time. You are investigating them. You know what that's called. It's called blackmail. That's ridiculous. i've done nothing wrong the art. You're grasping at straws. You have no proof wilson then pulls out a document slides across the table here. Go john adams the army lawyer. He's been keeping a diary. Mccarthy stares down at the cover page is a feeling of dread fills us whole bonnie. This document has a list of dates. Every conversation that he or roy cohn have had with army and their effort to secure favors for shy. Wilson tabs the page. Believe me. it's all in there all the time. Said joe mccarthy. The so-called patriot tried to help a rich boy who didn't want to serve his country. Joe if you don't fire comb we're sending this document to every reporter. Washington mccarthy looks up at wilson and for once. He's truly scared. come on. don't do this. I know i shot my mouth off. I messed up. But don't ask me to fire roy. I need him. Let me have a meeting with. Eisenhower will smooth things out. No job's too late for that fire com. That's your only way mccarthy knows. His back is against the wall but suddenly he feels angrier than ever. You know. Charlie you know forget it. Just forget it you want to destroy me and my committee but i won't let you do it not at all and i'm not firing roy. Fair enough joe. I just hope you're sitting down the next time. You open the paper with that. Wilson picks up the dossier and walked out the door sitting by himself. Mccarthy suddenly realizes that his hands are trembling he needs something to call himself down to clear his head. So mccarthy stalks over to the bar and orders martini. He's been thinking about all afternoon. Drain comes and he doubts. It feels himself starting to settle down. So he orders another mccarthy is cooling off and begins to maul over the options now before him carthy could fire cone. He could escape this mess but has he thinks spent all the work. They've done together. And the attention mccarthy now gets on the national stage he makes his decision. You won't do it. He won't fire. Roy calm and he won't run away with his tail between his legs. Not after working his entire life to get here. So mccarthy hatches a plan. The army thinks they have them in a corner off but he'll spin the army story and use it to his own favor. He roy cohn will fight fire with fire because at the end of the day. Joseph mccarthy is still the most famous communist fighter. The world has ever known if president. Eisenhower isn't standing with mccarthy. Then something terrible is coming his way. Because either you were with mccarthy or you're against freedom and democracy next on american scandal. Joseph mccarthy's battle with us army plays out on live television for when the fight turns ugly mccarthy finds his public support slipping away from wandering. This is episode. Three of the red scare for american scandal. You like our show. Please give us a five star rating and leave a review and be sure to tell. your friends. subscribe on apple. Podcasts amazon music or wherever. You're listening right now. Join one replacing. 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