House Judiciary Committee, Senate, President Trump discussed on Kim Komando


The Saudi government act alone I'm Jane Metzler fox news for the first time the F. beyond calling it a terror investigation piecing together where military training Mohammed al sham Ronnie went to we met him what he wrote fox's Rachel Sutherland live with the latest Jane the gunman opened fire a Naval Air Station Pensacola killing three people may not have acted alone FBI special agent in charge rate toll road Haas says investigators are trying to determine if the Saudi airforce lieutenant was part of a larger network the F. B. I.'s joint terrorism task force and the F. B. I.'s counter terrorism division are working tirelessly to discern if any possible ideology that may have been a factor in this attack the shooter who was killed in the scene purchases firearm legally Jane and Rachel as you know he purchased that gone in Florida investigators believe some Ronnie and three other Saudi trainings visited New York City including Rockefeller Center says before the shooting rampage are they were looking at museums and other sites but they are trying to determine the purpose of that trip senator Lindsey Graham an Air Force veteran meantime once the Saudis suspended from the military training program here until quote we can figure out what is going on and he agrees with president trump's decision not to participate in tomorrow's house impeachment hearing calling it unfair this is being driven by ship and Nadler hello see partisan people I think is going to meet a quick in the Senate Graham on fox's Sunday morning futures the house Judiciary Committee is expected to vote later this week on articles of impeachment likely to include abuse of power.

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