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Figure and he studied ritual with confucius then realize it was wrong and decided to go off and write this book or decided to go off and be just be in touch with the dow and then the historic the traditional story is he was going to india. He decided to leave china because china is so messed up and on on way out of border officials said to him. I won't let you leave until you write down your teachings and so this is why we have the book because you know allowances very reluctant to use words. But he was forced to this official. And that's why we have records rates and then offer. The story goes on that he went to. India became the buddha good and that's why when buddhism came into china around the beginning of the common era. It looked a lot like taoism and the chinese explanation was well of course because we embedded in india. So yeah so. That's certainly not true. I think the other jing book the lots of book was probably put together by a community of these primitive. This we have. We have hints of them in the end of the analytics the writings of the teachings of confucius we have is interesting encounters at the end of the analytics where confucius's running into these people who are living primitive lifestyles and actually absurdly primitive lifestyles. Like they're not using technologies that exist there self-consciously like one example is the someone's pulling plough by themselves and they had oxygen. Yeah the normal farmer easing and then when confucius stops and questions them they quote from the roads this classical poetry and i know who confucius is so. These are clearly normal farmers their their educated elites who have dropped out and gone back to the countryside and withdrawn from society pretty sure that confucius existed as a person and wrote the things that we think he wrote his book so the analytics that is the record of his teachings is not written by him..

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