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Of course still several players to come you sort of alluded to that there's three really young players who are coming up over the next two years to find digs anthony barr believe this off season and then trae wayne's next year you add you know sheldon richardson who signed here in a one year deal is going to be a free agent after the season cal rudolph a veteran player finishing up his second contract i believe next year a lot of players who are gonna be valuable pieces you would assume of the vikings over the next several seasons if they're around coming up for free agency over the next few years and he brought up anthony barr it seems like he might be the one who the vikings might be willing to sacrifice assigned the others is that true or is there someone else on that list you think is more likely to not have a longterm future in minnesota it time to talk to you i mean there's several sources i've talked to who thing big will be bad men out and then on the flip side you can see it as far being the odd man out and i think the case was bar is that they drafted him to be a four three linebacker that's what he's you know that's what he was two years they did not draft him to rush the passer but in terms of the contract negotiations you might be looking at it and saying hey well you don't have to stack numbers to justify potentially you know thirteen million dollar deal you know a yearly salary or you know trying to get him in that range i don't know how much less he's gonna go for then twelve million thirteen million i think more reasonable number and i and i spoke with jason fitz gerald over it over the cap i've been article kind of breaking this whole situation down is incredibly helpful kinda crunching numbers but one thing that we were talking about it where you know the browns and the jags kind of paid a higher price for lesser players who kind of have that similar type role and you know just the way that shifted the market it might tell barn is representation hey we're not gonna take any less than twelve or thirteen million but twelve twelve eleven five is probably the reasonable number here to inspect for bar in a team friendly deal would put him at about ten million a year he really does want to stay here in minnesota and kind of like the neo hundred you know get it over quickly and just take take care of it and then they would be able to probably have more cats ability for the coming years with you know von big but i think you know mike zimmer loves his defense of guys this is somebody that he's you know really stood on the table for the last few years i'd be very hard pressed to see them not trying everything they can to keep him here and then potentially bigs could be the odd man out i mean either way he moves something if you're not able to retain both but as we heard film and say last week which was the first time i'd heard him publicly say they're actively in conflict both agents to try to keep both players not just the hey yeah we'll see i mean this is our goal we want to keep those barn digs they wanna keep the core of their team together as you know my colleague field yates pointed out recently they've got ten players under contract through twenty twenty that your super bowl window right there and if you can get to more in there with barin did you're in a good spot if you try to keep them then you're probably not very active in free agency which is fine but it could hurt you in areas like you know i don't i don't sheldon richardson will be here next year he took a his deal was very calculated take the one year eight million dollar deal undergo bed on himself so it could make regis be tricky in that aspect but hey if you keep the quarter of your roster together and you perform last year and thirteen and three seasons good things or on the horizon yeah i mean it's a good problem to have certainly you know deciding between two young pro bowl caliber players i guess the tough part though like you sort of alluded to is that you know it digs assuming he has another like.

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