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And so that drives you to change it'd be better and it's the back your mind and and Fica bad data. I'm sure there have been times. My kids will tell you differently right when he grounded me for this. So what are you if you could play the tape forward. You and you're GONNA leave a legacy behind and whether you like it or not option so when you WANNA leave behind when you look at this. What are you hoping to see what happens with this business? What happens what do you want people to say about you twenty thirty years from the business if you look on our Walnut river seal feel it says honesty integrity and pride and <hes> that was chosen for a reason we still believe that to this day <hes> people in our company we all stand for that and that's really that's really that legacy would leave that? There's no question about anything that we do <hes> so in the community. TRY TO SUPPORT LOCAL <HES> try to support <hes> you know we get a ton of requests for things and we look and see is it something good and is something local and those are two big criteria and we have a limit of course but those are those things that we try to help give back to the community because there's community. It helped us be successful to where we're at now so we want this community community to be better than what we grew up in yet. Listen to something somebody real podcast there. <hes> like Boy Scouts leave that campsite yeah better than my son's scouts so leave the place better than you absolutely and that is I think I'm glad that you brought it up because I was going to say that you were triggering that in my mind I mean that is I think the one obligation that we all have I think I think that is the reason why we're here to great businesses to do whatever we whatever you do <hes>. It's the place better than you. This is so much better of a wichita that what I grew would not have walked downtown at night Yup and all aw you drag Douglas Yep but you gotta get your tools you think about that. We're the large spur isn't that you around a Douglas Internet that where he rose and all that is now right abandoned buildings. Oh Yeah Oh you didn't want to know it. Does it speaks volumes to the intention -ality right I mean the intention analogy of making the place better than your founded suspending the belief and how things are going to get it done taking that risk adding value all of those things I see that in your businesses see that in you exciting and you're right I was driving up Douglas just the other day and we were coming back and the intention Audi like they're putting the I forgot about I can remember reading something about the plants. Have you seen all the potted plants and how it just changes everything. The feel absolutely and I struck me on is like wow. This place looks so much different.

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