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That the hiring wherever they can make an iron copper polling hang on a crack on ten bannon and care where her with an army puerta kirkman the there's not aroma here too and that is the the threat of harassment by the devos family what it is that they're going to let their employers looked communities know what ray tensing did and our allies in cincinnati and a e e so but but then i think applies a lotta people because a number of folks have crazy axes they have built collectors have individuals who are just will have an agenda whatever it might be trying to subvert their employment how likely as an employer let's just say you're an average person maybe you do have a crazy exit starts talking yorker whatever how does your employer legally how they deal with that on entity wind up not getting hired or losing your job as a result of something like that we will not what cuba craig who power you wherever you go what do you do that in the parking lot repair thing i would do air your if your own a job here if you're in a gop problem kirby packet it or not allow you have to get ahead of it you happy talk your employer and luck clear whiten going on i broke up with this guy or the woman animal pouty from the quay craxi radio here i don now have a recreating order or blah blah blah and you're you're why to notify building mccurry as well as local law enforcement and hear any regal crack you can likewise if you're going near naung god where they're dumping about you that come on confined by going amid now our googling area baton you know you can get your your out yorkey arctic collier tori and i were tori lee because you want to be true but you want to control the message you want to pay her current on here on our homolka.

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