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Karen Travers is at the White House with the latest president trump unveiled his long awaited Middle East peace plan standing with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House for the first time in many many decades I can say it will work it's going to work if they do this it will work the plan calls for the creation of a state for Palestinians but they would have to meet requirements Palestinians would get a capital and what the president called eastern Jerusalem but he also insisted Jerusalem will remain Israel's undivided capital Karen Travers ABC news the White House in response to the planned Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas says a thousand knows breaking right now the U. S. Geological Survey is reporting a magnitude seven point seven earthquake struck off the coast of Jamaica the agency said the epicenter is about seventy three miles north west of the coastal town of Lycia it was felt that the US base in Guantanamo bay in Cuba a tsunami warning has been issued the Senate has adjourned until tomorrow is it here's the defense of president trump in the Senate impeachment trial attorney Jay Sekulow as saying in his argument the Democrats are basing their desire to remove president trump simply because they disagree with his politics have have a removal of a duly elected president based on a policy disagreement that is not what the framers intended and if you lower the bar that way danger danger danger we will have a complete wrap up of today's impeachment trial from ABC news tonight at seven on news radio eight forty WHAS a Kentucky lawmaker has introduced a bill to make it illegal to hold a cell phone while you're driving we'll talk reports representative James Tipton of Taylor's Velas filed the phone down Kentucky active require drivers use hands free or voice recognition technology of using their phones while driving there are exemptions however including calling nine one one or reporting an emergency Tipton says there is a public desire for the legislation I talked to a lot of people I.

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