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Ryan kobe with yet this is knbr denied face two eight a way can be are the number is there any part of eu warriors fans they think that there's something just a little bit off with this team now this is keeping in mind that the golden state warriors most nights should be able to just show up and blow the doors off teams and not even after play particularly well in the process by or i'm concerned and this is an area that i thought was going to be an area of strength but it's actually not really worked out that way is the depth of this team in the bench and the roleplayers obviously steph curry planet in mvp level klay thompson terrific knife from clay tonight kevin durant well he's kevin durant draymond green probably hasn't been at the level he was last year but still pretty damn good but it's the other warriors and you wonder how many of these guys have maybe become passengers and when i look at the make up on the bench david west definitely in the twilight of his career and let me just start by saying how much i love respect than admire david west i proclaimed him to be my favorite warriors bench player just two short weeks ago and gambia are tonight omri caspi caspi hi q player terrific cutter great vision not going to play any defense is it's safe to say that omri caspi hasn't exactly been a riproaring success here and golden state andrea dollar another year older doesn't have the same shooting touch that he wants did we'll still give you you know those quality minutes in crunch time particularly on the defensive and he can still shut it down in isos situations still a terrific passer but clinton is safe to say andrea good dollar lost a step giugale mcgee can't even get playing time he got some tonight and was seven.

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