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Uh reduce or increase bone density so reduced risk of fractures and even though we think of osteoporosis as a disease for women uh sorry to say but as we get into our '70s and '80s peak and even sometimes younger it can become a disease of men as well so uh for many reasons uh uh for better health and even reduced dementia with taking with hidden testosterone replacement uh for those who have andrew jan deficiency uh can make one uh feel great so what are some of the reasons that now when it i've talked about uh some of the facts about testosterone level i talk about some of the myths and one of the baths is that testosterone causes prostate cancer and why is this uh why is this so well why is this myth out there well testosterone his reply is associated with the function of the uh of our euro general tract and that's where the prostate is so it's kind of presumed that since two testosterone stimulates the prostate receptors that there'd be an increased risk of cancer of prostate cancer by taking testosterone replacement but i wanna share with you that that is absolutely not the case there has been no evidence that taking that taking testosterone replacement increases the incidence of prostate cancer and that's with many studies over five decades have not shown any increase prostate cancer with testosterone replacement there are some uh scientific explanations for why this may be the case for instance that the press that receptors get saturated with a very.

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