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Only home forehead thermometers proven accurate by peer reviewed published studies details that ex surgeon dot com or accuracy matters. Traffic and weather together from temp star and header, heating and cooling on Johnny Hill, NewsRadio 16 w TVs mainly clear, cold and frosty tonight, the low down to 21 degrees. At least you get to see plenty of stars That's pretty cold for this time of the year, below average by about eight degrees on Saturday, Sunshine and 42 Sunday 43 with sunshine, whether powered by the basement doctor It is 39 in west Jefferson 39. Degrees at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 w T. V N And after an hour long police chase that ended in gunfire. A suspect is dead on North bound. I 70 near Refugee Road, ABC Sixes. Haley Nelson has the latest. I just got confirmed moments ago that this officer involved shooting is deadly. The Ohio eight G's office confirming to me that someone has died, but they say no law enforcement officers have been injured in this situation and Do tell me that Columbus Police requested bc. I teams to come out.

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