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Asked if if we're able to shut down or reduce that we're going to do that these lizard and smugglers are not just going to throw their hands up and say, well, there goes my business. I had a great run. They're going to find the next week this link, right? So that is why we have to have an all encompassing border security proposal, which includes a physical barrier to stop that flow for migrating over and just coming across that porous border. That's why the president is being so firm in his resolve on this matter Mark to think what are the president's options left on the table right now. Do you think that perhaps we know the presence willing to go? She ate with Democrats. Do you think that it's possible? He could order some soup. Dangle some sort of carrot with respect to you know, amnesty or providing. More security for for dreamers. I think there's always that possibility. But with the ninth circuit ruled against the president in favor of President Obama's unlawful DACA program. It took the incentive away from them to for the Democrats to make Beal because they've got the courts to do it for them temporarily until the supreme court ruled on that, and I'm very confident the supreme court will uphold President Trump's. Authority in this matter. There's really no there's really nothing to negotiate for Democrats. They have no incentive incentive returns. But you know, we saw it last night. I mean when Chuck and Nancy. Stood in front of the American people that basically call the American people the same thing, they told the vice president over the weekend, which is not gonna she ations without complete compare relation by President Trump, and I'll tell you looked at me on Monday. When he heard that. He's like that ain't gonna happen. Exactly. Negotiate with people who won't negotiate. It's actually and everybody knows in politics. There's always going to be some horse trading, and you have to compromise. There's all these competing agendas and priority. So knowing that understanding that fact specially Schumer and Pelosi who've been there forever. Are they willing? It's almost like they're willing to give the president some crumbs, but not the wall for symbolic reasons. And the president has made a proposal after proposal decided negotiate not only have you moved away from a concrete wall. They're now talking about us steel barrier, right? Which obviously Democrats used to support those kinds of things I tweeted this morning, and you know, obviously with a little bit. Yes. I think this morning someone should contact the US surgeon general we now have two confirmed symptoms of Trump derangement Sinfield, member lock Democrats have no idea. Can't remember that they previously supported voters? Barrier. And the second is blindness if they actually came feed that there's a real crisis going down at the border, right? It's actually so just circling back to the opioid crisis from back in October of two thousand seventeen the president to Clarita national emergency with respect to the opioid crisis. You know, he he cited nine hundred forty four statute came the thirty to do. So is there any way he can kind of piggyback off that and say, look, maybe take it make this issue less about immigrants, even though illegal immigration is a huge problem. But take it off take it off that for one moment and really put it on fighting the war on drugs because we know we have a drought crisis in this country. And we know for a fact that the drugs are pouring in through the porous border and all these various ports of entry but most heavily through the Mexican border. So is there anything he could do there maybe to declare national emergency to fight the war on drugs. I mean would that be well received? By Americans or or not. I think that that's definitely one of the options that are looking at they currently have the authority under for the president to declare national directly department of defense and the US military to do the construction the action. And so the president said this to me on Monday, he open to that idea in very much considering it, but he would rather this actually go through the normal process in conjunction with congress, and he's willing to negotiate but congress in meeting, the Democrats just don't seem willing to budge at all they are dug in it to the resistance in that it's only going to be complete capitulation by the president or nothing remains to be an option that he has. It's something that you know, he even mentioned again apparently this morning here at the White House. But I do know that he wants to go through the process if possible. If they don't show any willingness, and he, you know, this is one thing we know about president. He's going to do the right thing. He's going to do what he was elected to do regardless of the cold and the the politics of it. He was sent to the White House to make a difference in to do these things that so many presidents of both parties talked about doing for decades. But would actually never get around to doing it. Right. Absolutely. So with respect to if we look past the wall one I feel like chip Trump has in his pocket is that Democrats realize like if they don't they're not willing to compromise come work with the president in any regard right now with this border security issue. I mean, what incentive does he have to sign any of their bills. I mean, he he could he could tell them look if you're not gonna come price me don't expect me to sign anything you're going to put on my desk next two years because I'm just on the on the good refused to do. So I mean, I know this playing hardball. But how is it? The democrats. Expected that Trump is going to sign off on their legislation since they now control the house when they won't do anything to work with him in any reasonable way over this border issue. Well, I mean. Always a possibility. But I'll tell you this is a president who who basically focused on the bottom line and getting results. He knows that one of the big things the reason why he was elected president of both parties like to talk about things, but not actually he wants to actually get things done. But to your point we already see that the United States Senate has decided to stop all business until the government is reopened. They actually wouldn't even vote on legislation that would be protecting Israel because they've Naba taking over antisemitic wing of the democrat party is now taking over there, not even voting on the bipartisan foreign policy proposals that have a lot of bipartisan support until the president capitulate. So they've actually done. Exact same thing. You mentioned it's up to doing it. They're just going to shut it all goes back to being a sales job. Right. I mean, you have to sell the American people on this members of the house. Members of the Senate, whatever it may be we do already have been parts of the border that have walls right in southern California. I mean, they're they're so is there any way that you market that and say, well, we've already got a wall here. So why can't we use a wall and other potential pours areas? I think that's absolutely right. I think that's one of the reasons why the president's going to go down to the border tomorrow. I just saw an article I think it was yesterday where the sheriff. I believe memory here. Juma Arizona talked about how win the wall went up in Yuma. I went down ninety percent, right. The flow of drugs was cut off the flow of criminal activity was cut off when that wall went up. We know that Walsworth it's happened in San Diego into so many other places yet now Democrats certainly consider a wall, which they use to support interpretive barriers and fencing they now are opposed to call it immoral. But no one ever asked him. So are you do you want to take down the walls that are currently for should we just take down all the walls incentives around our federal prisons and just go with grown technology, and and. The prisoners are going to stay where they supposed to stay. Had it right last night when he talked about how the American people whether they have walls at their home door at night. Are doing it. Not because they hate the people on the outside. But they love the people who are on the inside. The same basic premise commonsense. He wants to bring our borders. That's right. We all know that so many of these wealthy one percenters like Nancy Pelosi in these types of people they travel with security that they can afford to do. So, but the average American can't they don't have that security, and there's just been thousands of Americans whose lives have been lost stolen due to a legal immigration. We've interviewed some of the families here that that have lost children loved ones due to a legals right here in our state, Massachusetts. And it's just it's heartbreaking having a call these parents. I've had to do a personally to call these parents and hear about what happened. It's just devastating. Mark. Why is it that so many Democrats, you know, they they care to claim so much about let's say children getting separated from their families at the border, which nobody likes to see happen. But they didn't feign outrage when this happened during the Obama administration because we also those images of the kids look like a metal cages that actually was during the Obama administration. But we didn't hear peep about it. Then. But now that President Trump is in office. They're overly concerned about the well-being of these children. However, they weren't concerned when President Obama was president. And also, they don't seem to have that level of concern for American citizens who are being raped and murdered by legal immigrants every single year in this country. It is complete. And I think Senator Lindsey Graham said it so well last night on one of the cable network when when he was talking about the impact the federal workers, and he is and said he was sorry that these eight hundred thousand federal workers are not going to receive their paycheck 'cause they're stuck in the middle of this shutdown, but he's going to get their back pay when we reopened the government. The people who have lost family members and loved ones in Fred. Due to crime or activities from legal limits. They're not going to get their family members back. They're not going to get their loved ones back, and it is a very important fight for so many reasons, and it's something that I know that the president is absolutely committed on and it's going to be to the Democrats to see whether they want to work with this president not I I'm reminded and tell you here in the Boston area reminded by a story about legendary former house speaker tip O'Neill shortly after Reagan was elected. And the pros the Reagan tax cuts, and he vehemently opposed the minute speaker. He could have stopped them. But he said, this is a man who was elected at least it had desert to have his agenda which even down, and even though he was going to vote against it and urge everyone else to vote against the still deserved to have that upper down vote in the United States Congress. Obviously, we all know it passed with a large majority, and we build what happened because they don't do that anymore and unfortunate. Yeah, it certainly is. And it's really just troubling. How what short memories? Democrats have because you know, we covered ISIS extensively here at the Boston Herald went all that was going on during the Daban administration. And we know for a fact that ISIS has called upon its soldiers to penetrate, the refugee flows going into Europe that because so many of these refugees that flee Syria, flee, Iraq, they don't have documentation. So it's easy to mix and terrorists through the these refugee flows because it'd be very hard to distinguish one person from the next. So why knowing that ISIS has already called for that exploitation of these refugee flows, why on earth wouldn't ISIS or any terrorist group at Taliban or anybody else? Try the same thing through our border knowing how porous it is. Of course, they were trying it would make sense. So it's just I hate to say. We get hit. But it's a horrible thought. But it's a realistic one. Isn't it? And I'll tell you a secretary Nelson said the other day when we were at the White House. 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