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Now? Eighty twenty. No, I need I need full guarantee. Yeah. I mean, I'm just not not doing it. Give my house is on fire. Like, it's smokey. Farland's of everyone out of the house. I don't see like flames looking at the doors. I'll go back. You get the dog. There's like firemen like hard pass. We'll get a new dog kids. Oh, man, you're gonna get Email about that was. Peter and has let your on New Jersey one zero one point five are you doing guys? So I had a house fire about two thousand two and we had we had dogs cats. The truth and matters is used to take these animals in the catch. And try to get, you know, a state of nudity or whatever and nobody would help us. We had been opponents of cats. I would save twenty cats in a screened porch area, and we had an electrical fire that started the screen porch. And those cats that were in the screen porch wound up dying. I ran back in the house 'cause I had other cats in the house. I ran back into house five times for my cats while my mother, and my father grab my two dogs. Anybody that you're listening? I says all they wouldn't do this. They wouldn't do that one. You shouldn't have an animal why risking your life because it's part of the family. No, it's not as part of the household. You can't redefine family just because you love your animals. You note, you know, what what you think is right or wrong. If you have if you go people shouldn't even have an well the way you're talking about it. Why even have now why not because it's disgusting. You telling me that you want a hundred percent sorry. Are you telling me that I should make the dog more important than my children 'cause I'm not gonna do that? I'm not talking about children. And I'm just talking about the Pat itself while I'm talking about the children. I don't want to leave. My children fatherless for the cat is about you're bringing that up. Now, you're bringing it. I brought it up earlier what I'm saying. If what you're talking about. Would you go into Bernie fire to save your pet had nothing to do about children? When you know, it always has to do about children because I don't wanna leave my children fatherless. I'm not saying the children the fire to I'm saying, I would leave them fatherless. If I go in there, and I don't make it out. This is just for pets. We're not talking about. I'm not talking about fancy savings family members. I'm not talking about saving them either. I'm talking about not dying. So that they still have a father. But if your kid within the house, if you want in the house, right, of course, of course, ninety percent ninety nine percent chance you're gonna die now. You save your project. Of course, of course. So my point is if I have an animal that I'm a part of my family that is my kid. Well, okay. Then why do you call it something different because it's not a kid. But we gotta move on Peter, thanks for your call. I don't think he understood my point. I'm not saying that there's a child in the house, and I have to make the decision. I'm saying if there's a good chance, I'm not gonna make it. I'm not gonna divert my family, right? I guess the math changes if I don't have kids or if I don't have like a wife or something if I'm like, if I'm single and the dog is all I have as far as quote family goes, then I might be more apt to do it. But like at this stage in my life. Three small children. No. Just no, not even not even not even a thought we'll and brick you're on New Jersey one at one point five. Yeah. Thank you for taking my call. I certainly run no questions asked only reason being. My pet. My dog saves my clothes. He was given to me from canines for warriors. PTSD service dog and you saved my life from taking my own. So if anything were to happen. Of course, I guess you would label me as crazy because I used to be a volunteer firefighter in ocean county for about eight years I'd run into people's houses fired out. So I guess in your view, I guess, I am kinda crazy. Don't you think? Well, this was this a skill. You were taught as a volunteer firefighter. It was. Yeah. Okay. Well, I think there's some mitigating circumstances here. All right. Hey will we're up against clock. Thanks for calling New Jersey one zero one point five would you risk your own life to save your pet one eight hundred two eight three one one point five. It's two thirty..

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