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Should be saving and investing and putting back into your business. We're always looking for people to volunteer and come out in support and speak to our young people and encourage them as well. This is not only adults, but also other young people because they connect at a different level when you speak to a young person and you're young yourself. I think there's this unspoken conversation that happens. Right. So we want to introduce that. But we also want to get the more seasoned veteran. Wisdom from our adults as well. So please share you know, we're on social media come out to our events and just being impassively for young people. Not for people to get involved say they wanted to know whether or not they qualify for any of your programs. Okay. If you are young person for us are we already talked about the requirements for the scholarship but for two excuse me for position for greatness youth program is literally fifth through ninth grade. Okay. If you feel that your child needs that extra support or you want to get them involved with other young. So there's no grade requirement. There's no income. Limit for presented for greatness you now. Okay. One and all one and all yes. From all of the areas that you mentioned, yes. Wherever we were at and so we're we're strategically hosting our events in those different areas. So that we can serve not everything will be done at one time, and we will also have the virtual sessions so any and everybody can participate in that as well. So once we start launching. Those to be uploaded to our YouTube channel. So you can find us on YouTube. You can find us on our website, which is WWW dot it takes to Inc. That org. Could find us on Facebook? At it takes two you could find us on Instagram at it takes to you can find me personally because I cross promote on all of those social media platforms as well. And just give us a call. Maybe sometimes that's just the best way to reach out to us, and that's four four three three zero two nine seven nine nine, and we're open to providing whatever support is needed if we can't fulfill it we have partners in place that can fill the need. Busy busy and join everyone of the I am I am there are days. Like, I said will you gotta take a step back in replenish, refresh. And do some things that you like to do. So you can keep it going. So what's your vision? Takes the vision to provide a full ride scholarship. Full rides to college all for years. That's a major major goal. Another vision is to have our own space, that's strictly dedicated to it takes too. So that we can have our young people come to us, then we'll still go out in the community and be mobile in that sense as well. But we want to create a home for our young people and parents as well because you can't get to the use without their parent, and we have to all be on the same page. So those are the two top visions for it takes too many children. Would you like to see involved in it takes to exit at any one time? Probably I was any one time. I was between fifty and a hundred and that may seem low, but we've never been about quality. We've been about sees me quantity been about quality. So even in our youth program. We max out at ten students because we need to give that one on one support. And it's kind of hard to do that when you have hundreds of students and not to knock anyone that does because I'm sure they have processes in place. But even when you have emptying in people to help yet. Absolutely. But as I was sitting here thinking fifty to one hundred is a lot. Yeah. Will you thinking about the individual type services that you offer because whether it's even if it the scholarship? Money per person adds up very quickly. It does. That's why donations are needed books for college. Not she. No, ma'am. So as you're going through that I was thinking to one hundred is is is a lot. How many do you have now youth for we have we have six right now. But like I said that maxes out at ten when we're talking on an annual basis, the number of students that we serve we are exceeding one hundred fifty because but we don't service the same child. Right. So they may come to this workshop, or they may come on this college show that we just had or they may come on the tour this coming up of the US naval academy, but we do touch over a hundred fifty lives on an annual basis and one of them some of them, we are helping in some sort of way, and that's our our ally. As a return on investment is knowing that we're making a difference in that, we're creating impact. Making an impact and making a difference. A big one in the community. What are some of the feedback that you get from parents of the kids that go through your your workshop, so your programs? I'll use our college tour we just on Monday. We went to tau sin, and we went to Morgan state. But prior to that we had a college readiness workshop so that we can prepare them for the tour what questions to ask. How do you finance it without being in debt? You know, those types of things in the feedback that we got was I'm so what she said that she's she appreciate the passion that we have at this age level because we start young in having this conversation in middle school because once you get to high school eleventh and twelfth grade sometimes it's a little bit too late, she appreciated the fact that the that we're focused on this age group, and we're not waiting until high school. The college tour is self gave her students her child. Skews me insight on what kind of campus she wants to be on. Whether it's a big one like towel sin or more smaller one like Morgan inches giving them opportunities to make decisions and to make those. Paris's in choices. So even just for that it opened up their mind to all the possibilities and in that college readiness workshop we talked about careers as well. One young man wanted to be a barberie and have business in all of this. And it's okay to have those different desires, you'd think about your millionaires and billionaires they don't have one stream, but being combed homing in there's multiple streams of income. So of you can do what you love doing you wake up every single day doing what you love, and you can get paid for it. That's ultimately what we want. So it is the conversation that our parents are appreciating in opening up their minds to all of the possibilities that there are there's a big old world out there. You gotta get beyond your immediate neighborhood to experience it, and that's what we try to do. So how do you touch upon each one of your six pillars through workshops, whether they're just like the college readiness workshop where we bring them together. Our virtual sessions are tours are. Trip. So a college tour in our chore. The neighbor kademi that's coming up as well. So it's a combination of workshop in house in classroom and getting out in the community. How do they handle the virtual workshops will this'll be I one coming good? I could answer that at a later date. Well, how delivered they haven't come down to your site? And they all watch it at one time or no, they're at home. Okay. This is going to be a zoom session. So we're using technology in order to deliver our services, and that's where they're at. Anyway, they're on their phones. So was nothing for them to loop. Tune into the zoom session. They don't have to be live. They don't have to be on the video their security issues in their little bit younger. But they'll be able to see us. They'll be able to see the presentation it'll be recorded. They can watch it later. They can't make it live, and eventually we can repackage and repurpose that so that we can upload that to YouTube, and I'm talking out loud things that I would like to see half. But that just allows us to open up. Our reach beyond even the DMV. It can be global. You know, once we get you to have access to billions, are you passionate about it takes too. I am asleep. Eat breathe nonprofit. You know, this is you know, when when you found a nonprofit you've birth a baby God has dropped that vision in your spirit. And he's asked you to go out and do it. And like I said once you be obedient and say, yes, that's what passion is. What drives this thing every day? You gotta be willing to get up and show up because people are depending on you get up and show up as a say it every week because I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Help is available. Every tough moment you're struggling with someone else has already passed through. Don't suffering solace in please do not suffer alone to reach out to Jamila fines an Instagram at it takes to Inc. Amanita? Your host be should've check out that any alive dot com for where in wins. To see on accepts haute.

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