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So I people tell me that all the time that it is one of their goto shows they don't need. necessarily. Even see it just having it in the background brings. Them Comfort. That's that's amazing and it's You know it's one of the reasons I think not not to start. At the end before the beginning but it's one of the reasons why I think your reunion special that you did towards the beginning of the pandemic. impactful because it was exactly the kind of feel good familiarity that the world needed especially at that plate when things were still new and people were still I think a lot more nervous and anxious about what lockdown was gonna look like and what quarantine was going to be and. You guys the characters that they've grown to love over not just from the show is on but like you said so much more after the fact. And now it's okay we're seeing them in the same situation that we're going to be in and we kind of laugh about it and have a moment about it and feel good like we do when we watch arc's I, think the timing of that special was. Perfect and you know the way it came to be was NBC apparently got a hold of Mike Shore who co created with Greg Daniels wreck and said, you know were these food banks are in trouble were trying to come up with ideas well, we can do to do fundraisers you know to help the food banks, and so they were trying to get shows to do table reads and a lot of shows were doing that which is great. I mean anything to raise the money whatever it takes. So the MIC is going back and forth with all of us and then he said you guys have an idea. Hold on. I'll get back to you and then I mean I guess it was forty eight hours and then there was the next message. Hey, guys. What do you think about doing a new one and we are like damn yes yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So then he said, okay, let me get back to you again he roped together the old team and these geniuses because I think they are geniuses a put together their pandemic episode not having a clue how they were gonNA shoot it how it was going to happen no one knew anything he said, would you guys Avi Willing to donate your salaries and B.? C. Will then I don't know if they matched US put their own chunk of however it worked. But everybody of course was immediately yes. Of course whatever we can do and then next thing you know they said, okay. Here's our script and we did a table redesign table read laughed our asses off and next thing and now they're telling us how they're going to be together in I jim O'hare is attack dummy like the worst. So I'm thinking I'm GonNa Screw this up which I know would be a good Jerry move because Jerry would screw it up but this is Jim O'hare shooting this damn thing. So they sent us cameras and lights. In all boxed up and wiped down Amanda. Than we did it and then you set it up and then you put your zoom camera. So they could watch us and direct US and talk us through the piecing of things and then they scheduled each of us like a block of time. I think mine was two or three hours on a Tuesday morning and the funny part was you know it all take play takes place at night..

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