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Broadcasts from st xavier university in '19 '20 a young woman named opel lightly achieved worldwide fame by publishing a childhood diary a simple yet poetic nature book describe adding her dentures going up in the an woods the story of opel the journal of an understanding so was the number two bestseller that year totalling sinclair his main street but opel lightly popularity soon evaporated as the public came to believe ship perpetrated a hoax that adali was indeed the work i'm an adult not a gift a child her efforts to convince the press in the public otherwise eventually drove opel out of the country to india antirat she never wrote another book and never returned to the oregon woods that she laughed into this day controversy still surrounds the diarrhoea for childhood tuesday at associaton specific belo ice and a lovely person she insisted antimissile hair and an assembly nothing he is innocent person some people said she's a spoiled brat some people said she was very thoughtful anti some people said she this extroverted outgoing sparkling personality some says shelling withdrawn should talk much of his whole range of opinions in the blood of your suicide has since imprisoned in advance and she wounded most of will soon be released from from that's because little which was where the prison uh so that she could clinton life she was possessed by a desire to achieve something with her life and indeed she did you know coming out of a little logging camp in in oregon and becoming certainly the most notorious oregon author of the until knpc perhaps today the glances take potatoes in the field some of the mozambique tom on of them lapan justice thinks this detectives growing here has no interest i sound off kept watching the field at now now i've seen the style his kindness of talking with the wind the mystery of opel lightly the folks it live a number camps thaha kaiji suck when they come home so look at even time i do so like to sit on the stump and watch singapore some do whistle and some detox the men duping me bits of.

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