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And welcome back. We're back with Dr Paul Paul. We were talking about how you got involved in this. And you said your wife was the one who brought it to your attention. Yes. As I said, the three other people to try to get me involved. But I I was too busy. I didn't want to be labeled as crazy, but my wife is very persuasive. So I did read what she put on my table the afternoon. I was absolutely shocked and nineteen ninety six that wasn't that coincided with the first the publication of I two I q studies from China studies show that kids exposed to high levels afford had lowered I q now run the clock full. We've had sixty I two studies which fifty three show that fits with a high of foreign exposure have lowered I q and now I wanna tell you about the most important paper. And if people listening only read one science. Typic- paper on this issue. This is the one to read it was published on September the nineteenth two thousand seventeen. It was a bombshell. It was a bombshell because it was funded. It was funded by the US government. So the people that promote for it. I finally got around to doing a decent study. It was a twelve year study done by leading experts in the field, and it was based upon three hundred mother offspring pants, and what they did is they may should the levels of fluoride in the urine of pregnant women. So they had a measure of of that gives you a measure of total exposure to those women independent. That's independent of the source. You you mentioned the Florida in the urine. That's your total exposure doesn't matter if it comes from salt, water, whatever then when the children were born they measured their IQ. They make the IQ four and a gain. Between six and twelve and what they found was a very strong association the higher the fluoride levels in the mother's ear in the lower. The I q g increase in the year. One milligram Palita. There was a drop of five to six points. Now that one milligram police is approximately the difference between living in Florida to community and a non Florida community. And in fact in two thousand eighteen they were a study done in Canada, which looked to the levels of fluoride in the urine of pregnant women there throughout kind of large study, and they found almost identical the levels of fluoride in the year end of Canadian women in Florida to communities point eight seven parts per million the level in Mexico City, where the Basha I study was done was points point nine one. So almost identical. So at the level. So which we all Florida eighty there's a very good study. Excellent study they control for every variable. You can think of which shows relationship between the amount of fluoride that a pregnant woman is exposed to join pregnancy and the intelligence of their children, and that's that's really a bombshell. You know, it's huge. Now there are other symptoms where people can literally get sick from too much fluoride. Oh, yeah. You can get sick from too much side. And there there are people are very sensitive to fluoride have a whole whole litany elf of reversible symptoms like tidiness not relief by sleep pains in the joints, rashes and all these kind of things. So there are some people out there that are very sensitive. There are Canaries if you like they are the ones who tell us what it would be like for us if we got higher higher levels. But I think lowering the I q of our children by five IQ points. It's devastating. Just to give you an idea because people got numbers numbers numbers numbers. But if you drop the I q of the puck chelation of the United States by five IQ points, it wouldn't notice much of a difference with the average child, but the result would be you'd have that number of very bright children in society the number of geniuses. If you like the kids with an IQ above one hundred and thirty that fraction would be hauled and the number of kids who are less than IQ than seventy which is the borderline mentally handicapped would increase by about fifty percent. And and that's a devastating thing to do to a country like the United States my God. Yeah. And and yet this this important study was published in environmental health perspectives. It was done by people from the university of Toronto McGill, Indiana, Michigan Harvard Mount Sinai. I mean, we're talking top notch. Scientists did this study, and I can't help feeling that the reason it was funded by the NIH and the EPA if they wanted to show that we were wrong. Olot concerns about the IQ studies done in China. And India was you know, the far fetched. It wasn't real. So they would do a study. Well, they did the study, and they confirmed they confirmed it, but it wasn't covered in the New York Times. It wasn't covered in the Washington Post, and we're not warning pregnant women. I mean, if people could do one thing up to listening to this show, and that is that they know any woman that's pregnant for God's sake. Tell that woman to avoid fluoride during pregnancy. Don't use Florida face dumped, drink Florida water and avoid any source of fluoride. That's a good point. Now, you just came back from Bangladesh. What were you doing there? Oh. My wife, and I were info we've we've been activists Sola lives. In fact, we met as activists in nineteen sixty sixty eight in New York City, and we're involved with the Biafran issue for two years in New York City, and then soon after that we evolved in Bangladesh. And I anyway. I was involved with this struggle. I went in with the freedom fighters with a camera to show, what was going on inside Bangladesh took in medical supplies gift to the villages. And so on. With one hundred and forty Mukti Bahini is with cold. And when I was inside Bangladesh, I found to my horror heard over the Pakistan radio that my wife had been arrested. She had tried to deliver of medicine saris to a village just inside the border, but she was captured by the Pakistan army. So I had to cook get out of Bangladesh wasn't quick. It took us seventy seven nights to get out of out of what was then East Pakistan, and when I got out crossing the border to people in the fields, and they said oh operation that was the name of the group. Your workers have been sentenced to two years imprisonment. She oh my God. So now I had to get back to America. And try to calm down have parents. This is the first time I've seen them after we got married. We got married in New York City in nineteen seventy the next day. We left for Europe. So next time they sold. The son-in-law. He was telling them that have the doors are being arrested for the crime of trying to get help to the people in Bangladesh. Anyway, it was a very very dramatic exciting time for us everything worked out. Well, my wife found she was pregnant when she was in in Jessore prison. And as a result, we named our first child pizza William uji Mucci off to shape who was the hero. The leader of the Bengal is in this whole movement. But the Bangladesh that they've had us now back for the second time because they they really are so obsessed with this liberation movement in nineteen seventy one they set up a huge liberation museum. And we we we provided them with lots of our memorabilia, photographs close and so on a very happy with that. I guess what? I. Fluoride is. But anyway, one of the things which is very dramatic. They they took us to this to the liberation war museum. They showed us all stuff that we put in there. And as a surprise, they produced the captain led the book to Baheen he I went in with a hundred and forty armed to the teeth. They were the captain who led that I hadn't seen for forty eight is and they produced him he was eighty three walking with a stick. But it was the most amazing and emotional moment to meet help with this fellow that have protected. He remember you. Yeah. So cool. So there are only two of us both were both English at the time. I was English now American. So that's what we were doing in Bangladesh. And now we're concerned about the role Ringa, you know, these people that are being persecuted and minima Berrima and. At Bangladesh is very journalists. They look after about a million of these refugees. Do they have fluoride in their water out there, Paul? Oh, no, no. No, no, no. There are areas in the subcontinent where the you've got high natural levels of fly, but very few countries deliberately as fluoride to drinking water. About twenty and of those only ten have more than fifty percent of their water. Chlorinated. Is there any research that compares fluoridated countries would non-fluorinated countries in terms of tooth decay or anything like that? Yes. Yes. The World Health Organization keeps track of tooth decay in twelve year olds in in many different countries, and it from the data you can see the tooth decay as being coming down in twelve year olds from the sixties to the present as rapidly and non-fluorinated conscious as Florida at once. And the difference today is you couldn't tell the difference. So that is not the best science because you know. You know, it's it's very very broad statistics on national level. But you know, if there was a strong relationship, you'd expect it to rise above the noise, but it doesn't, and you know, they've never done a randomized control trial the CTO ethical to demonstrate that swelling Freud actually lows to k so that's pretty dubious is seventy five years. They haven't done the an SAT and one of the reasons for that is the food and Drug administration has never got involved with this issue. Coincidence DA fluoride is an unapproved drug. So we putting an unapproved drug into the drinking water, it's a hazardous waste, and I t George if horrible look into this your hair would fall out it really would I've written a book on this with two other professors, a retired professor of physics retired professor of biology and a retired professor. Chemistry. That's me the case against fluoride. I think people will get a very good idea of the this nonsense. If they read that book, meanwhile, go to our web page fluoride, a look dot and amongst other things you will see that Basha study that I talked about this very important. US government funded study shows this relationship between Florida exposure to pregnant women and lowered I q that's an amazing story. Does does Floride affect other parts of the body other than it's a very toxic substance? It interferes with all kinds of biological systems. And we know that the is it interferes with enzymes. Nobel laureate. An enzyme chemistry opposed fluoridation in the United States people like James Sumner from Cornell. It has enzymes interferes with g proteins, it is a causes oxidative stress. It switches on a plethora of jeans. So the the is a very good review article by Bobby I think in two thousand twelve for those who are into biochemistry so the mechanisms of there, it is absolutely the least scientific public health. Practice of all time, the oral health division of the CDC says this is one of the top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century. Can you believe that the top ten public frauds of transfer? Beijing what happens to your pets like your dog, your cat that might drink tap water? Yeah. Well, one of the things we're concerned about is fifty percent of the fluoride goes into your bones and larger dogs their bones. You know, that large dogs that back legs go after five or six years, and this is possibly the cumulative hip displays you and stuff. That's not good. No, no, good. And and for us humans the first symptoms of skeletal ferocious, which is well known around the world, we've got areas with high natural fried levels the first symptoms like off writers, Paul. How do we know? We see a lot of older people Paul who are with the walkers and kings. How do we know that the Floride hasn't made that happen to them? We go no choice because they have not done the studies as I said earlier on for seventy years, no important, basic studies. Studies on other tissues in the body of of antique they studied teeth teeth teeth as if bodies with teeth with a couple of legs on it. They study the tape to death. But they don't study the thyroid gland. I don't study the brain the bones and the other injured consistent and liver and kidney for those kinds of studies. We've had to go to India and China where they've had high natural levels. And the irony is operatives people say, oh, you can't trust anything from India and China, and they dismiss all these studies and wishes crazy because they they don't have a practice.

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