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What have you and singing this same song by big mama thought. And all of a sudden it became the -ceptable. I heard Elvis's rendition of hound dog. I thought it was kind of rockabilly didn't have any blood in it. But after so seven million records it started to sound better. Chuck for not big, mama. Thornton's recording of hound dog. In nineteen fifty three did very well was seventy eight RPM sold between half a million and a million copies. When Elvis came out on a forty five rpm record in nineteen fifty six is ten million copies. And that was turning point for the forty five. Meanwhile, other artists are beginning to make in rows with thirty three and a third LP. Though, we small. On the whole. World is fastest. By nineteen fifty four Frank Sinatra is at the top of his game tweet spot for his voice and his words at the same time. He's got this deep emotional upheaval because he's really carrying towards for Ava Gardner to whom he still married, but not with he's already broken up with her. When he walked into the capital studio to record in the wee small hours. He understood that he could use this new format the LP for long form expression. Here's music writer. Jody Rosen before the lump record. We had a three minute long song. Now, we have long for musical story and six and Andrea created this crazy thing called the concept records. The. Frank sat is little pieces of paper each song title on it. And he would shuffle them around that they told the story. Sixteen songs single statement. What it's like to lose your love. Sutin so Frank always wanted a back, and what we hear in the law. Ours is a reflection of that anguish that he lost his great love of his life. Oh. That. In. That good. In the when the lies. Solo. This landmark album coincided with true, high fidelity sound the LP magnetic tape and these gorgeous Norman microphones that gave you the most incredible richness. In creating this concept album Sinatra solidified a format for all of music to follow. Palling? Should number died on the fifties. In the early sixties. The single record was the thing if you didn't have.

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