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<Music> Okay, maybe right. <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> I interviewed <Speech_Male> Hal because <Speech_Male> how road <Speech_Male> is an American <Speech_Male> author, <Speech_Male> keynote speaker and <Speech_Music_Male> success coach <Speech_Music_Male> according to Wikipedia. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> He is <Speech_Male> the author of <Speech_Male> the bestselling book, the <Speech_Male> miracle morning, <Speech_Male> the miracle equation <Speech_Music_Male> founder <Speech_Male> off <Speech_Male> the Miracle Morning, book <Speech_Male> series, and <Speech_Male> the host of <Speech_Male> the achieve <Speech_Male> your gold podcast <Speech_Male> in <Speech_Male> nineteen, ninety <Speech_Male> nine, he was <Speech_Male> involved in a serious <Speech_Music_Male> car <Speech_Music_Male> accident which <Speech_Male> he later <Speech_Male> recovered from. <Speech_Male> Most, recently, <Speech_Music_Male> he was diagnosed <Speech_Music_Male> with a rare <Speech_Music_Male> form of cancer <Speech_Male> that he has <Speech_Music_Male> recovered from. <Speech_Music_Male> How <Speech_Music_Male> these <Speech_Music_Male> International, Speaker <Speech_Music_Male> and entrepreneur, <Speech_Music_Male> he is <Speech_Music_Male> an inspiration. <Speech_Music_Male> And <Speech_Music_Male> Ultra. Marathon runner. <Speech_Music_Male> An <Speech_Music_Male> Amazing Dad <Music>

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