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Dot com we are he's bill writer and people can't stop listening first off i'd like to say it's my pleasure to be on hold for as long because that just means i get to hear rider than you before anybody each later than you with bill later what bill reiter with you eight five five two one two four cbs is the phone number or twitter sportswriter sports reit are where wolfgang tweaks yes into the badlands is terrible but so often awesome great take l is what it is it's the gone in sixty seconds of violent fantasy weird shows and logan van san diego tweets new york pies as a soak pizza lover who's had new york it is true water makes the crust better bronx pizza in san diego imports their water from new york and they are closest to new york pies locale really connect true a place in san diego where the great betrayer went i mean to transport enough water make pete across i heard a story love it's true that back in the day somebody from ami would drive up here and philip water water tank tankers tanks with they were gonna fire higher steel new york water and drive it to florida to pizza that's interesting i mean yeah that that sounds like a good idea in theory because it is through the water maybe that's true but it's the water my wife didn't like bagels and she moved here are triggered a bagel and she wouldn't do it so i i very intentionally once got a beg with cheese on it and then like death march justice some subway two miles away this bagel i don't know cycles every day it's it is a life changing experience i think it's the water any other theories on why the pizzas here so good i'm not a new yorker i i'm a mid western guy say it's the water the water but i i'm a pizza quest after we ate pizza last week i i like looking at pizza lists and seeing if it's something that i'm feeling like other people are feeling and the place we went is legitimately has the accolades on all these pizzas i actually found out there's a pizza place in chicago that serves new haven style pizza which is my favorite thing in the world but they serve it in chicago which i didn't think was thing and what is this feels like a made up thing by somebody from connecticut by the way new haven style pizza new haven style pizza is a lot like the pizza we had it's thin it's it's really thin it's brick oven so it gets a little chart because the ovens hot that's it that's new it's the specific style of it is sure yeah are you sure that's not just pizza a brick oven and you had it in new haven if you look at all the pizza lists everyone that does these pete's list every year two of the top three places are always newhaven it says new haven pizza served in chicago yeah there's a new haven place in chicago where the the guy who started it is from new haven connecticut oh it is locally known as a pizza is a style of neopolitan pizza common in around new haven connecticut it originated the frank pepe all right all right i will stand down my friend no it's a real thing i thought you're making it up students do you he was laughing so hard is changed were jinglin on the leather jacket doc rivers just shipped his son austin to washington for marsin gore todd todd is gonna come in and allow them to get rid of de'andre jordan then maybe just think about all the examples of family members who have crossed over in sports and that la example did not work out very well i know that austin rivers was better than most people think but the general consensus and i reported a good deal on the clippers and i was reported on my guy chris paul was that austin was overpaid by his dad and that more importantly it disrupted the locker room in a serious way people and i think it was unfair because austin and his father they've talked with us aren't particularly close or at least weren't particularly close to that time doc wasn't around very often he was doing the nba thing is son austin is that didn't know his dad that well but it still created a scenario where people felt like there while i think unfairly but there was a snitch there was an informer there was a spy in the locker room it.

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