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That means the lawyer did such a bad job that Hassan Bennett got a new trial. And when you see that there's really no excuse for it lawyers are not supposed to take cases where they can't do an adequate job of representation, and so while it's really important to understand the burdens on the system and the idea that we should provide more money for it also. True that lawyers have illegal obliga- Shen to go through all the evidence and make sure they are representing their clients properly. And, of course, as we mentioned the homicide detective in this case, who was accused of coursing witnesses and other cases as well has been relegated to desk duty. So that's been acknowledged the one about someone successfully defending themselves with just a high school education. How often does that happen? That's very unusual. And it seems like Hassan Bennett was incredibly determined and confident in a way that was persuasive to the jury, I love the story because it's about someone teaching himself law with the help of someone else in prison, who was what's known as a jailhouse lawyer someone who is able to self educate himself. And, you know, we used to have more of a tradition of this in this country, where people used to go to night school to learn to practice law, and they used to be able to become lawyers with more apprentice themselves as opposed to formal education. Now, it's really unusual. But Assan Bennett obvious. We knew the facts of his own case, incredibly well, and it sounds like he was able to boil down the key issues here in a simple vivid way that really convince the jury, Emily Basilan her book on the Justice system. Greed is charged Emily, thank you. Thanks so much for having me. There's a new troubling warning about climate change. A new study shows world sea levels could rise, six feet by the end of the century. If emissions, go unchecked, that's double the earlier estimate from the UN climate science panel. The research is published in the proceedings of the US National Academy of sciences. And joining us now is professor Jonathan Bamber of the university of Bristol in the UK..

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