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Earthquake. The US Geological Survey says the 4.0 magnitude quake centered in Buzzard's bay, around six miles off the coast of New Bedford. It could be felt in central New Hampshire and Vermont along this so sure in Cape and down in Rhode Island today, outside of Boston City Hall, Black lives matter. Activists are responding to the election results. Organizer Monica Cannon Grant still has some questions for the new vice president elect. We could celebrate the moment and we could hold her accountable criminal justice record doesn't disappear because she became the vice president. A New Hampshire man is dead after running his pickup into a parked box truck cause of the crash still being investigated. By Marc Cohn. This's Dan rape. You worked hard for what you have are friends of the Commonwealth Advisory Group of here to explain why it's incredibly important to protect your family with a will or trust because of the high cost of nursing home care. The person who has 10,000 the person who has 100,000 person who has a cape, how's the person just has their own house? All those states are just a cz important as each other. You all worked extremely hard to save. Whatever it is you have. We're here to make sure That no one takes it from you. No matter what the situation is, whether somebody's married or single. They have kids or no kids. We're always here to help. So Phil, give us a glimpse of the process. We're going to sit down. We're going to streamline it. We're going to educate you about the process we're going to do. The documents were going to explain everything to you. We want to make sure that you are taken care off. The Commonwealth Advisory group can help you, but only if you call 1 807 051415. That's 1 807. 051415 my king with a check of W. B Z is traffic on the threes..

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