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And I just was looking out over the swamp. And I said, you know, this would be a great place to see a UFO, and he started ranting. Oh, people are not saying, you know, you just started going off, and blah, blah, blah and talk about synchronicity. I looked out the passenger side. I was on the pastor side. I look out over the swamp. And I kid you not George swear on a staggered bibles. Here comes to large Silva discs. About maybe a hundred feet off the swamp. They're each one's probably about maybe seventy five to one hundred feet diameter one behind the other. And I said, you know, you still ranting and renting and renting I see these things coming and I said, okay, Jerry, what do you think of this? And he looks overseas things coming. It's the brakes on the truck. And we started coming to a stop east things crossed probably about maybe twenty feet also roadway right in front of us within within fifty yards in front of the truck. I mean, they're right there. No lights. No, nothing just to silver discs with a bulge in the middle in each one and their traveling. Maybe you know, maybe a hundred hundred miles an hour. So you could see them. No problem. Right. Traffic on the other side of the road coming tortoise. They all came to a stop everybody. Saw everyone thought we're all in. So these things take off across the swamp to our left. And then they just accelerated like crazy, and they were gone. Well, my brother-in-law is looking out the window and slowly starts turning his head back toward me. His mouth was hanging wide open. His eyes were big little saucers. And he starts looking back toward me, and I had been grin on my face. I mean, I just see to your hose, and I couldn't I just started to laugh because here he had just been ranting about how we're all nuts, and he turns and listen. Any snaps out of it. And he says, I don't wanna hear it. I don't wanna ever hear about this again. I just bust out laughing it every so often I would throw a dig Adam about that. And he he just shut up. I don't wanna hear about it. Shut up. He became a believer. Reluctantly right. Absolutely. In a funny thing was you could hear over the c b 'cause this is way before cell phones. And of course, nobody had cameras, but you could hear over the CB's for like miles around people. Like, hey, what was that? Hey, did you see those things? So everybody thought people were getting out of their cars in the middle of alligator alley watching these things go by and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and obviously they weren't up this planet. Oh, no way. These is used to live on an air force base with my brother, he was in strategic air command. And it just these things were so close so large and so clear perfectly smooth, shiny, silver, twelve noon. I mean, this wasn't lights in the sky in the middle of the night. You think zip to buy, and I don't know if anybody ever reported him or not because we didn't have cell phones. And you know, we were on the road. So we didn't really pick up, you know, too much as far as news, go goes. But yeah, it was it was just the look on his face priceless. From a total skeptical a total believer in like a second. I love it. Jim thanks for that. We're gonna come back in a moment and take more open line calls for you this Friday night into Saturday morning. So those of you on hold. We'll get to you. Those of you making the call just keep on ringing. Tom will pick it up as soon as he can right here on coast to coast to coast insiders, the.

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