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Well you also wrote the songs for bob roberts as well with my brother david yeah yeah doesn't that kinda run in your genes i think your dad was a folksinger is that right that's right he was in a group called the high women who had quite a few successes in the early sixty as and did some touring in we lived in greenwich village so we were around the folk seen my dad worked at the gaslight oh wow cafe the sixties and seventies i guess right wow that was the time when everything was happening there so i saw some pretty amazing things as child in the gaslight cafe you know sonny terry and brownie mcghee live i'll cat stevens live on famous richard pryor i snuck in one kid and wow and my dad worked out how how'd you get in here oh my god that's amazing some pretty cool stuff and the whole culture at the time of the of greenwich village was such an culture which i've never really seen portrayed properly unveil it was really interesting mix of the most progressive artistic creative people and old world conservative values old world immigrant oh yeah alien irish a clash of cultures yeah i mean what is it like for you now when you return to the village and it's taken over by hipsters and yuppies and every corner has a swedish furniture store i've tizzano cupcake place i wrote the first draft bob roberts in nineteen eighty five when i was back there doing a film called five corners i had been away from my neighborhood for about six seven years at that point and already hit it transformed so i originally wrote a short film for saturday night live of a yuppie folksinger but not a politician.

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