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A weapon. Andy Khan had victim Services for crime stoppers, says Danny Kaye. Zara's was out on bond for an April weapons charge also charged once for trashing a hotel room. The second conservative political action Conference of the Year underway in Dallas. Don Jr was a highlight speaker yesterday and President Trump the keynote speaker. Tomorrow night. Conservative voters and politicians here in Dallas for CPAC's say they're not off put by Donald Trump Not being president. They're actually quite enthused about how large their movement has become. Energy industry CEO Jim Lehman is running for the U. S senate in Arizona. It's good to see this beautiful fall section of the country, people coming here that still have that great hope of patriotism. A lot of it that we enjoyed on the last administration under President Trump that these policies of America first Cpac's theme this time is how to combat cancel culture, especially on social media. Both Cpac's leaders and President Trump are suing Facebook and Twitter. Aiming the companies actively silenced conservative voices at sea Back in Dallas. Evan Brown Fox News. Glenn Beck is among the speakers today. Make sure you listen to Houston's morning news next week to win tickets each morning to President Trump's event at Toyota Center this December. Ktrh News Time is 903 in Austin. The special session by the Texas Legislature is underway both chambers holding public hearings today. The House started off, taking public testimony on bail bond reform and then following with HB three in the Senate. The topic is SB one election integrity banning drive through voting, setting the hours for early voting, addressing voter idea and Malin requirements prohibiting sending unsolicited absentee voting applications. And protections for poll watchers. Hey, we gotta fight tonight. It's been weeks of trash talk between Connor McGregor. This is my bread and both are this is what you know. Wakes me up in the morning were fired on my belly and Dustin Pori er I see a man here.

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