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Comes from. All those simple things. All right, I've got a couple more things for you. And then I'll let you go, I appreciate the time. This is great. And it's great for me too. This is all things like I was nervous going into this because I'm like, I don't know what to ask. I don't know, I want to know more, but I don't even know what. I don't know where to start, right? And this is like someone who's trying to learn about it. So I imagine people who are like, oh, it's on their radar, but kind of in the rear view, it's a hard thing and hearing somebody that's relatable and thoughtful is very helpful. I think for myself and I'm sure for listeners as well. To be able to share, I think that's a big thing. It's hard, nowhere to start unless someone tells us. For sure. I'm glad to be able to share it. Natives outdoors, what is natives outdoors, talk to me a little bit about your involvement, what they do. And the whole bit there. Yeah, so native outdoors is an indigenous owned outdoor media and apparel company. Basically, our job is to kind of tackle that representation issue that I talk about before from both sides. And so we aim to create media that tells the story of native folks on the land doing whatever sports it is that we do now and we do like we have a big ambassador team and across us all when he does just about every sport and just about every part of the country and essentially we think that needs to exist so that one other native folks can see us out here doing these things and know like rock climbing skiing, whatever you do, it's for you as a native person. This is your land, get out there and do it. You're not alone in doing it. And it can connect to your traditional values. And on the other side, if you're somebody who participates in one of these sports and you want to know, what's the original history year? How can I be more connected to native folks than the issues and different areas? We've got content in media when it comes to that. And we've got ambassadors who are in all these places or traveling around all these places who are providing an example of like, okay, this is the way forward. And so yeah, we make a lot of cool movies and articles, little projects here and there and then basically every one of our ambassadors is someone who's just super rowdy and gets after it. Yeah, we've got a super cool team of folks. I also on this sort of topic, I want to ask you about you have a film coming out about you in January. Tell me about it. Tell me what's going on with the film, what the story is, what the, what the plot is, if you will. And yeah, just tell people a little bit more about that. Yeah, so this January, I'll have the film coming out. It's called spirit of the peaks. I made it with REI and a number of other great folks. And essentially it's my journey as a Lakota who mostly skis on land of kind of figuring out what do I do to make my impact in this place more than a land acknowledgment? So if you're familiar with the idea of a land acknowledgment, it's essentially saying, wherever we are, we are on native land. And this is whose land it was. And are there people and their history that made our being here possible? And essentially, I kept skiing in the San juans, and he's just incredible, big, burly, you know, 13, 14,000 foot mountains with amazing lines and amazing dry cold awesome powder. And I was so grateful to be in these places and I knew I needed to do more than just put on the bottom of my posts that I'm in territory. That didn't feel like enough for me. And so this film kind of is my journey of figuring out how to make that and how to do more than a landing acknowledgment. So, you know, it took me to the southern reservation to learn for some awesome tribal leaders there, connect with some young folks and get them out skiing and you know that experience of just learning the history, getting involved with the community and how that liberated me to be able to go after some big objectives and feel like I was right with the spirit of the peaks in that place because just as much as those mountains are beautiful and powerful and can allow you to do fun things, some of the mountains with some of the craziest avalanche situations and a lot of people lose their lives skiing there. And for me, I wanted the mountains themselves and, you know, the energy of that place to feel like it knew I was doing something more. For the land and for the people. Yeah. I mean, that's amazing dude. And I'm excited to see it. I can't wait. It feels like I wish it was coming out sooner, which was coming out tomorrow, but it's like one of those things that you just have to just have to wait for. We got away. We'll be teasing enough along the way. We've got some awesome folks. We were a part of it. My good buddy and mentor, Cody Townsend makes an awesome appearance and so we'll be dropping a little snippets and trailers along the way till the end. A few lines here and there to give folks stuff. So yeah, it'll come quicker than you think. The winter always does. Yeah, I'm very excited. I'm sure we all are. Connor, where can people find you online, where can people find you on social media? Where can people find what you're up to? Tell people a little bit about that. Yeah, for sure. I'd say the easiest way to follow along is I'm pretty active on Instagram. My handles at sacred stoke. And people can also check out natives outdoors, dot com and at the same time I just put out an article and we'll be promoting it a little more soon coming up. But I put out an article with Patagonia. I ride for them. And we did a story called hotshot cold smoke about a Lakota wildlands firefighter and ski patrol up there and you can find that on the Patagonia website. Beautiful. I'll make sure I link all this stuff in the episode in the show notes. Thanks for your time, man. This has been great. Yeah, for sure it was a pleasure Adam. Hello, there. I hope you guys enjoyed that episode. We have more coming to you soon. Talk to you next week with Roy bushfield. And the week after, we have one of my favorite interviews ever with Jamie Walter. That one was excellent, it's been a long time coming. So I'm glad it lived up to my expectations. And I'm sure to Jamie's as well. We had a good time. So there's some good ones coming. I'm psyched to finally be doing these in person consistently again so much better than doing over Zoom. And the audio is way better. So yeah, enjoy. Talk to you guys. Next week, bye..

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