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That lebron James past Kobe Bryant for third all time in NBA scoring in the conversation that we've been having is lebron versus Kobe it's a natural thing because they're going to be forever linked and what I think is so fascinating is that so many people are on one side or the other this is not Braden gall I'm too much beer that's great and all but this is not bring got one of those things are like hi I take them or leave them right might be your arm ones no I I am I will be guy all I think it's a server even have this conversation I I I really do like kick the project is a fifty percent shooter for his career and has scored more points Kobe was a forty four percent shooter lebron X. as a higher three point proceeding is two percentage he doesn't more again I listen I'm not trying to preserve the moment because Kobe spectacular there's no doubt about that but there is never been a human being that is walk the face of the earth with more physical ability that lebron James in by the way he he he can do more things he Kobe is certainly better at certain things run championships but look well in in support man and if if we run a check I have a feeling he might have won a couple more titles but again that's that's hard that you can't play that game because then you know Jerry west is the greatest player of all time and why did he go well you know one for eight and NBA finals right like you can do that for for everybody in every sport and you know Dan Marino fantastic quarterback probably more physically gifted than Tom Brady didn't play for bill Belichick's we we just go down I'm not that we are going to in Reno but your point right the point is you can do that with so many different things I just Kobe is one the greatest players of all time and I got no problem with that we're we're choosing between a sixteen ounce filet medium rare and a sixteen ounce filet medium rare right like I'm in I'm taking the every time for my steak and I think it's I think it's ridiculous I just do I think you're right Tim I you know what I've been called a lot worse you've heard from us let's hear from you triple eight say ESPN eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six game night brought to you by Shelby power nitro plus premium gasoline engineered with four levels of defense against drunk where corrosion and friction it shall be V. power nitro plus premium gasoline Terrence in Georgia who you got lebron or Kobe yeah I know lebron lebron if you look at the guys he's played when he made them all the better where you look at it Michael at Colby they already have better guys around that little blonde lifted everybody's gave up some of that to the next level that's all I can say and when I would send appreciate the the call Terence what I would say is Jordan has his ray Allen's right like I mean he's got Bobby Hansen god bless the people of Phoenix with John Paxson he's got you know he's had Steve Kerr Michael Jordan Steve Kerr huge shop Bobby Hansen hit a shot out of the corner now obviously Michael hit the flu game Michael hit the shot on you know that the jazz the shot on the low we had its moments but I think every great player gets a little help in a big shot from somebody ray Allen I think so was on a different level Braden and I don't know if you agree or not but if ray Allen doesn't make that play if Chris bosh doesn't make the past to ray Allen to beat the spurs lebron's legacy is is forever altered now the ball went in so it's not he's got three rings but I think for those kinds of reasons Kobe Bryant's a guy what with the ball and the ball in his hands over lebron right I mean like if Malcolm Butler is in a great play the Superbowl at the one yard line Tom Brady has less championships right like I it's a team game and so you can't I think it's hard because ray Allen is certainly a better quote unquote better player right then again Steve Kerr or maybe even like Robert big shot Bob right like Robert or in all the big shots he's made actually not not only for just the rockets for for for for Kobe as well again shoot field goal percentage from the floor three point shooting points rebounds assists altered overs don't tell me every single lebron James is better but in the NBA stats don't tell the story right I mean it again lebron lost to JJ Barea okay and the Dallas Mavericks lead into what was at twenty eleven I mean it I've worked in the lose the doctor come on JJ Bray was huge and that's but that's my take Kerry with use of that series okay what will it again we're talking about the briny made history unite third all time in the NBA it now in career scoring passing Kobe let's get back to you Daniel in South Carolina who you got lebron or Kobe on ESPN radio I think lebron and I don't think it's very close I think that when you are looking at a one on one comparisons the numbers are four four we we put too much stock in championships we were comparing an individual you got it it's a team sport and you can't win championships without the team so when you're looking at one to one you gotta go abroad like you were saying and pretty much every statistical category he's yeah I would agree with that Daniel I would I would agree that it that it is it the one on one comparisons sure you can bring up stats but I I do think though in the NBA it's it's very different than Tom Brady winning winning you know it's all those championships five six ring very different right the NBA is you in four guys in those four guys are not all going to be superstars right so I do think that matters let's keep asking you Kobe or lebron we're talking about it right now on game night ESPN radio and ESPN app Tramaine in Columbus Ohio you're on ESPN radio hello I'm taking Kobe Bryant said I love it said lebron sheets forty one percent of the shock but within five feet in the bucket Kobe has better footwork better postgame better be ready gave huge better completes a lot in Quincy better than lebron the end the talk that he that lebron elevate players around him no he does it we do research on the ground in the final that he's lost they lost because he didn't show up these work better teams lebron supposed to be the best player on the floor any one of the Jason Terry out plaguing call why I'll plating Katie all playing twice in these are all the people that work better yeah and I think your point about the the championship in Cleveland who remembers the biggest shot in that series and that the clinching shot in that series what was that you remember that big shot that lebron hit to win the championship in Cleveland no I don't either because it didn't happen that was cut reserving hitting that shot on the wing right so it and I'm not saying that lebron didn't help them win a championship just hear me clearly I'm saying that the biggest moment in that in that clinching game what's what's kind and you can frame the argument in a million different ways who's the best pure shooter study close it's Kobe Bryant like it's it's obvious even though lebron has a better three point shooting percentage first career than Kobe I still think Kobe's to clear but I don't understand the argued about five feet within the basket Kobe couldn't get to within five feet two within the all the way look the way the old way no I don't let me finish the way Ron James does at six nine two eighty he just like if they if they courted each other Hobey wasn't gonna be able to guard it because that's not fair to of Kobe to have that conversation it's like that's not been walking out of the car a guard shack you can't ask that you can't do that comparison I'm paying my tab I'm out right like Kobe is Kobe got to the basket return of course say lebron's better like a lebron is better I just don't think that's an argument against lebron he was great within five to the basket like that's yes because the six nine history made in the NBA history will be made it next week in the Superbowl old school or new school are things about the change dramatically in the NFL will tell you next on ESPN radio forty forty seven degrees never fully dominating performance for the forty Niners the forty Niners he was C. Gen three yards are the best Starnes we've ever made by a long shot gentry are still liver game changing distance outstanding accuracy what I feel.

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