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Also listed landed jones wbz newsradio ten thirty all right thank you linda an all clear in stoughton this hour after what police call a case of swatting dozens of police including two swat teams converged on a home out on pearl street earlier someone called saying five men armed with machineguns had barged into a building there will the phone went dead and when police call back a woman answered saying she thought her id had been recently stolen just a strange series of events the huge response lasted nearly three hours people again toll to shelter in place in stoughton now police are trying to figure out who made that hoax call it was a day of civil disobedience at schools in massachusetts and all across the country students walked out protesting gun violence on a very somber anniversary abc's lana zak tells us students in dc hope lawmakers are taking notice armed with letters from lawmakers and voter registration form students protesting gun violence gathered outside the white house in march to the capital today they say they want to demonstrate that the momentum following the parkland shooting has not waned i think people are doubting whether this movement will continue and showing them that we are here strong and we will not stop until there is substantive change this day of action against gun violence was scheduled to mark the nineteen th anniversary of the massacre at columbine wanna zak abc news washington long line stretching out of a church in houston as mourners paid their respects to former first lady barbara bush the funeral is tomorrow abc's jim ryan in houston among the people who knew the former first lady the best few tears are being shed instead says pierce bush there are expressions of joy my grandmother was so at peace at the end a piece there was in her incredible faith at our into the public viewing george h w bush unexpectedly appeared at saint martin piscopo church to greet mourners filing past his wife's casket jim ryan abc news houston still to come how do you spell success just ask the melrose middle schoolers who made it.

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