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And then that continued in the second half with radiant opportunity to get the ball back. You could see the Jags continue on first down trust. Their quarterback compared to trying to protect their quarterback. There's a lot of, you know, other subplots in the game, but for me in moving forward, that would have to be the biggest thing Jacksonville and having confidence in their quarterback and him distributing the ball and guys making place the Jags out. Patriot the patriots in this game. What you talk about right before halftime. What's been the staple of the Bella check era pets score before the half get the ball back score after half that is exactly what Jacksonville did to reel off ten straight points. Blake Bortles the stat CC mentioned are unbelievable. I mean, to average nearly eight yards per play on first down, not gonna lose a lot of football games that way. Yes, they stayed aggressive even in the waning moments up, eleven with less than three minutes remaining a lot. I would not have criticized them at all, and that's about if they said, run run, run, punt. Yeah, we're up to SCO. Here's Bill booth. Right if you're stores to, that's what you got your playing the clock at that point. And even then they said, we trust you, Blake, we're not going to lose this game the way we lost the AFC championship game because we only trust in you for a half. I'm we're not even gonna lose it because we only trust your for three and a half quarters. Bortles was the story of the game because the pats clear game plan was see, see what he can do and what he did was to me. I don't think it's over the top to call it. It's the best football game given the opponent. I've seen Blake Bortles play as a pro and people need to adjust their is to recognize what they saw yesterday. The patch were down double digits after the first quarter and never got it within single digits from that point forward that tap into Tom Brady three times in his career over for against the Steelers, low nine against the ravens and yesterday against the Jags. The reason I bring that up in that early two thousand part of the patriots era. That team that could give them trouble along with indie was the Steelers in the late two thousand offs. It was the ravens. And now the Jags the only three teams to get a double digit lead on Brady and keep it the whole game there. Now on that list, it was a dominant performance from Jack team that I thought was going to be outclassed on Sunday. Clearly the outcome surprised a lot of people. The other thing that I think surprised people was was rob gronkowski and what he wasn't able to yesterday. I think he finished her that fifteen yards or something. We talked all week about whether it was gonna be Jalen Ramsey rob gronkowski matchup, whether he'd be able to slow or even stop him. How are they able to contain grant was I had a good game plan. I think that the defensive staff of the Jags didn't get called up in the who Jalen is what he got called up in this, who are we as Jags defend because they don't go out there and talk trash. They don't go out there and say a whole bunch of stuff. They don't get personal foul. They just have one player that Jalen in the. Article, and I guess he's trying to raise his profile. So that's what we might see moving forward. He said, we're gonna play to our strength. We don't play a lot of the man to man coverage. We're going to send a lot of people at gronk, but we're not going to go out of our way in have Jalen travel with him so they can potentially pick him wearing a concentrate on the whole offense. And we're going to slow him down. But ultimately we're going to put pressure on Brady if he's not going to have a whole bunch of time to build a sit back there to build a pick it apart. So I thought the staff of Jacksonville, offensively and defensively, they put this team, which is a very, very good roster in a position where they could be successful in their game plan. And while they didn't allow it to become Ramsey v gronk hardly at all, not even in the red zone like Bart, Scott talked about. They might. I mean, they really played a true game plan apps and of the egos to it..

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