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You by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services today. Deal dine in the traffic center. Volume delays on most area highways are settling down starting to ease its long day, though. Roads near the shopping areas still crowded and may take a little bit longer to get through a traffic light or two here or there. In Virginia. Long, persistent volume delays on 95 between the Beltway in Fredericksburg for the holiday rush on 3 95. North bound traffic is slow from bounder Channel drive across the 14th Street bridge. There's a police fire Rescue response above Washington Channel on the case Bridge near the 12 story. Expressway Ramp, Right side is blocked for now. They might be mobile, though in search of something else, But right now they're camped out in the right lanes on the case Bridge. No impact outbound, Not yet anyway. Head south on 3 95 with just a brief rubbernecking delays potentially back in Virginia on 66 westbound still heavy but moving steadily now through Centerville interlude. Still, ah, little bit slow toward the Legion bridge and clockwise around the interleukin two. Maryland still running slowly in a silver spring. Both ways are caring, slow traffic. Both loops that is between land over and Greenbelt, Baltimore Washington Parkway Still in a slow condition inside outside the Beltway 95 south to go west on the out of broken down vehicle clear to 70 much better than now north down north of Rockville. Gaithersburg, still slow toward the holiday Light festival at Seneca Creek State Park on 1, 17 and slow on 1 93 toward Watkins Regional Park toward that holiday lights display. Dave Tilden w T o P traffic That's got the forecast recent clouds this evening in tonight with temperatures in the upper thirties in mid forties rain heavy at times Christmas Eve during the day, especially later in the day could be rumble of thunder and windy.

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