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Out of the starting line of the reality of being at a big club like chelsea next on the americans who scored in europe list giovanni rain and now he did it in somewhat spectacular fashion. Maybe not the goal of the game itself. A five two win over eintracht frankfurt. He gets the start he gets the goal. He's wearing that beautiful number. Seven taking over from jaden sancho whose goal comes off insist from his new best friend erling holland who by the way had himself an amazing game two goals and three assists and after the game her. The budding romance between these two was on full display. Unbelievable you saw today Unbelievable i guess if the right word. Special just amazing. His point team Goals assists hungry. Team player works team. So yeah we're so happy to have him and You know hopefully this is just start for for him. And for all the The attackers going forward this season as a five goal despite today hopefully you can keep it going season. Gio raina early the next big tag team in world football What say you. I mean it certainly looks that way right you early and jalan us to gina. They definitely understand each other to actually enjoy playing against you. They have a lot in common. Both their dad's play demand city. Their sons up footballers they're eighteen and one the other one's twenty one adolescent still very young and the enjoying the way they play electrifying.

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