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The plane back tonight last night michael front thursday shook on saturday a huge there cathy walker center something regarded shapiro and we do this because we we go to lot of comedy shows dave chapelle does not allow cell phones that iba shows so if you're going to read rocks the say leave your cell phone even your car if you bring it into red rocks that they're going to put it they're going to lock it up and there's a little bag which is what they do a comedy works for every show no by the way it is kind of odd to accountable weird thing but it is chapelle started it comedy works picked up on it and it is what it is i think it's okay because you have people who've film your show and they film it and they sell at for commie specials at new i mean you have those bootleggers are going to film and send it to their friends put it out on social media so it's kind of i'm okay with the kind of makes you pay attention to the show more yeah i'm not sure how i feel about it early when i go to comedy works don't like the fact they up to look my phone but you still have your you know you have to leave you know if you wanna use eight yeah microphone call or if you've got a babysitter at home or whatever you're worried that you know something happened with the kids you don't have your phone the bothers me a little bit but this is a thing he started at comedy works picked up on it and it will be in effect saturday the red rock show he's been years ago i i left daesh dave shapiro was brilliant i am seeing him recently he did he did at one point sort of.

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