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Sox radio network. The Boston Red Sox have done it. They win LCS game. Number five four to one in Houston over the Astros. David price pick it up his first postseason win as a starter. Six strong innings three hits no earned runs. No walks nine strikeouts. He beat Justin Verlander who gives up four earned runs on seven hits in six innings a solo hold onto JD Martinez at three run by me. Just heard from Rafael Devers, Boston takes this series and five they now await the winner of the dodgers and Milwaukee series in the World Series. Meanwhile, Thursday night football all Denver on the road in Arizona blasting the cardinals forty five to ten rough night for Josh Rosen. Twenty-one a thirty nine one hundred ninety four yards a touchdown three interceptions, including two pick six case. Keenum fourteen of twenty one hundred and sixty one yards one. Touchdown one interception. Broncos snapping a four game losing streak there. Three and four on the season. Arizona falls now to one in six they are oh in four. At home. Dallas Cowboys losing a wide receiver Terrance Williams suspended three games by the NFL without pay for violating the substance abuse policy this due to a summer intoxication arrest may NBA three games at the half Portland leading the Lakers in liberal James's Lakers debut, sixty five to sixty three Philadelphia blasting the bulls won twenty seven to one zero eight Miami, slipping past Washington, one thirteen to one twelve pack. Twelve matchup in college football, Stanford with a twenty to thirteen lead at Arizona state seven minutes ago on the game. Dan, Schwartzman, NBC sports radio. Sportsman. Every night in sports coverage. NBC sports radio. Not with Dan schwartzman's. Hour number three, Dan Schwartzman, NBC sports.

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