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In the United States and put a new leader in office who fights for us all. She's been 15 years in the Virginia Legislature, protecting voting rights, fighting for health care expansion and trying to build a brighter future for all Virginians. The experience she brings up a black woman on working moms and a community leader is crucial to her ability to listen, solve problems and always up with the voices of those who have been ignored. This is the perspective we need so that no one is left out of the recovery. Let's go boldly into the future of our Commonwealth vote early for Jennifer McClelland for governor in the Virginia primary election. Or on June it paid for by Karen Action authorized by Jennifer McCall for governor. Yeah. And good afternoon Central Texas. This is the real estate's owner, weekly radio show about Central Texas Real estate. My name's John McClellan and local mortgage banker as always joined by Kevin Bound, local real estate broker. We're here live every Tuesday from 67 P. M. Right here on news radio K. L B. J the phone number If you like to be a part of the show, 512836 05 90 that's 51283605 90, or the often used toll free number of 87759055 to 5. If you like to text to us, it's 83605 90 text or call 83605 90 a great show for today. We're talking about a little bit about interest rates are gonna talk about the market as a whole What we're seeing out there. The rumors of the market and what's happening what the actual truth is, instead of the rumor mill, and we're gonna talk about some disparities that we're seeing here in the Austin market and Kevin. It's going to be a good show. I think it is going to be going out. Tim Landy on the show with us today. That's right. Tim's a partner with me over at 12 Rivers Realty, right, We've got some Let him share. I'm not going to steal your thunder. Will you share the big announcement? Maybe later into the show. And also an answer. Very question. Who are we come in for next? Dallas Dallas is number nine most populous US City. Austin just got San Jose checked off the list. Well, that's think Dallas is gonna be They're probably listening, DFW. It's not the M s a. The city limits so shitty living, so they're 30% bigger than we are. But okay, that's his next. We got a ways to go ways to get a little ways to get their booming as well. That's right. Well, that's okay. All right, guys. You like to listen to this podcast. Its entirety can't catch all of it today. Go to Google. I guess that's Google podcast or iTunes and type and John McClellan, Kevin bound that's bound like town or the real estate's owner. Podcast will pop up. You can download it onto your phone and listen to why you're hanging out of working out that is on ITunes or Google podcast. You know, when I first we first started doing our podcast, which was Out 2000 and nine or something like that. And everybody you know is your iPod, your MP three players. That's what you didn't know. That's how that's how change things have changed just in 12 years. You know, your phone now is everything and I get all my information Be Viet News, My emails. You know what the market's doing My stock portfolio. My credit card dead. My, You know, everything is right there on your phone. Now you know the real estate industry, you could get a lot of information. Off of your phone and went on all the apse that are out there from some of the big players as we all know who those are..

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