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I don't I don't know one thing about okay yeah I mean it's it over freezes there it's up it's a decent sized it's area where you thought that serve people go to like hunt that's all I know that I all right their silver springs and there's wild waters the water park that we went to when I was a kid I having like wins the better Winter Park Florida what little it's a little north of Orlando it's a super cute up and coming little city it looks cool it fits the partial close Orlando known it is not basically Orlando if you've ever been to Winter Park Florida you know it's not our land different vibe different look different feel but close enough that you're near Orlando airport fifteen minutes outside Orlando ours but that it's like Hyde Park here cute that doesn't happen all yes it does where would you like to stroll out on the sidewalk bill to get a nice lunch do some luxury shopping luxury shopping that's we need our legislators doing yeah where would you want to see the capital eight hundred nine six nine ninety three fifty two or should we just leave it in Tallahassee let me go to what Scott in Lakeland Scott are you no well run about twelve man I'm doing good so what do you think of my idea to move the capital to Lakeland that's the first year you so what why don't you want one you want the capital in your your city there well we know what it will it will because late word of what it what it workload not that happen in Orlando.

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