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We're not supposed to get it the ages supposed shield me from some things but apparently didn't get the memo doesn't help that i try eat our son's to so much and that's probably yeah we've also worked from home for over a decade i have no immune system thank you and thank you to maximum fun for having us on the networking at a maximum fun dot org and check out all the great shows their shows like the greatest generation and and bullseye and stop podcasting yourself in a lot more at a maximum fun dot org thank you to bow in gusts for these themes on when he won't pay you can find linked to that the episode description takes out more michael king say like thanks phyllis in bycatch us you know the usual stuff thanks thanks for listening got it thanks for listening to wonderful oh my god to snicks week master bruce all right maximum fun dot org comedy and culture artists owned listener supported thank you so much to the over twenty eight thousand members who joined upgraded during the twenty eighteen that's funding and all of our monthly members you showed up in full force to help us we goal to show our cruciate putting this year's badge of expland drive was of an pins on sale all ten dollar monthly members and just like last year we're giving all the prophets charity for twenty teen were supporting the national immigration laws the sale run from eighteen through may twenty eight so don't miss it ten dollar monthly members will be receiving personalized code and instructions to purchase pins on may seventeenth so keep your inbox open notifications on for more details head over to maximum fun dot org slash pins and to learn more about the national immigration law center them directly being good at i elsie dot org.

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