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On the agenda this weekend. It's a basketball tournament, and it's set to bring in about 9000 people by normally on a holiday weekend. Four times the amount of that from one event, But that event's been canceled due to the Corona virus now visit, Andy says day trips are big draw to the city attractions like the Indianapolis Zoo, the Art Museum, Children's Museum and White River State Park won't see the high volume of tourists like holiday weekends. In the past, a handful of restaurants have been forced to close and those that are open are trying to bring in customers by offering deals. It it visit, Andy says. There is a glimmer of hope and that starts with E. You have earned it campaign and gives Hoosiers up to 50% off hotel deals in Indianapolis through the end of the month. Now in general, there has been an influx of visitors since the start of the pandemic in March, and this weekend's basketball tournament is just one example. These things don't come together really quickly. And so ah, lot of these pieces of business have actually come together because they're unable to meet in other cities or other convention center might not be able to welcome them right now. And so, I mean, this was just finalized. I believe last week or early this week, so a lot of the stuff we're turning it really quickly and working with the city to make sure that we can welcome this number of people safely. Indianapolis hospitality industry normally employs 83,000 Hoosiers every year and about 40,000 Hoosiers are still without a job. Now there are some fall festivals that are set to open here in a few weeks, but visit Andy says it's a long road ahead in Indianapolis, Katie wisely which TV which TV dot com.

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