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Sunny skies, 60 to 65° near 70 on Friday. I'm 7 news meteorologist Steve root in the first alert weather center. 48 right now in Gaithersburg 52 in Atlanta. We have 50 here at WTO. Money news at ten and 40 past the hour brought to you by Penn fed great rates for everybody Good morning Jeff clay ball, hello, John dolman, ahead of the Labor Department's April jobs report Friday. Payroll firm ADP says private employers added 296,000 jobs last month more than expected, leisure and hospitality, mostly bars restaurants and hotels continue to lead job growth 154,000 jobs, the company that owns Olive Garden is buying Ruth's Chris steakhouse. For $715 million, Darden restaurant group, also owns capital grill, the first Ruth's Chris opened in New Orleans in 1965, it has a 150 locations now, including 5 in the D.C. area, a popular U street restaurant is closing. The fainting goat will close for good, may 14th, washingtonian says the restaurant has struggled to recover from the pandemic, the fainting goat opened as a gastropub ten years ago. The Dow's down 62 points, the S&P 500 is down to the NASDAQ is up, just one. Jeff Klebold news. All right, Jeff, it's 1142 now. In Maryland, we'll be taking steps today to make sure that abortion access and protections for providers remain fully available. Governor Wes Moore is set to sign four reproductive healthcare bills among dozens of other new laws he plans to sign today. They include legislation to protect Maryland abortion providers from other states, criminal, legal, and administrative penalties when they perform procedures on patients who come here for care, another would require a patient's permission before digital records relating to their reproductive healthcare could be released. Moore has been a strong supporter of abortion protections and has said that he intends to make the state a haven for it. Test scores in history and civics decline slightly for 8th grade students across the U.S., likely due to the pandemic. The national assessment of educational progress shows an increasing number of children, lack of basic understanding of either subject, nearly one third of 8th grade students 31% can not describe the structure or function of government according to the results in October that same assessment reported that every single state had seen a decline in math or reading scores amid the pandemic. Officials say the latest scores reflect more of the impact of the disruptions from the virus that shuttered schools across the country. I'm Julie Walker. A warning to parents

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