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Center i'm tony badoc special counsel accusing thirteen russians of an elaborate plot to disrupt the 2016 presidential election charging them with running a huge but hidden social media trolling campaign here's more from cbs news correspondent earl barnette investigators believe the russian agenda was also aimed to suppress minority turnout and instagram message from a fake group called woke blacks discourage voting the either party's nominee we cannot resort to the lesser of two devils it said then we surely be better off without voting at old attorney general jeff sessions saying that the shooting that killed seventeen people wednesday was a tragic consequences of the fbi smith steps and his ordered a review of the justice department's processes cbs news correspondent manual bork as has more from florida as the investigation unfolds the first funeral was held yesterday for 14yearold alissa allah deaf i'm father of kids in ms hit very close to home three days after the shooting happened and this remains an active crime scene school officials say the building where the shooting happened will eventually be torn down following another mass shooting the issue of mental health again taking centrestage jerry wholeperson chief medical officer rodgers behavioral health says families need to feel more comfortable talking to loved ones who may have a mental illness and if people feel comfortable discussing lease thoughts and feelings of might be more open to leading treatment he admits it is not easy for loved ones to talk about such a sensitive matter is very difficult as we want folks their freedom in this country harverson says the usual trend in our country is to only commit some one after they become a problem in society and that could be after a horrific crime rusty mellberg wtmj news gene davis will spend nine and a half years in prison for her role in a fatal hit and run accident last april the twenty nine year old pleading guilty to homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in the death of carol daniel during friday's sentencing family member sharing their grief for their loss family deep group i will never her give you the human being hugh so horrifically killed towards a lovely gentle spirit with a generous heart for family and friends davis apologizing.

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