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Jeff healey band from their album. Feel this with evil in here to stay and before that this week's baccio fact from the super fun. Yeah rocketship you're listening to wrestling with van. Wermer cronies ring rust of ipod medic. And you know podcast distribution stuff insert name of whatever you used five on podcast here. They're not afraid to start off the new year with a bang and exte- new year's evil had all the markings of an nfc takeover including multiple intense grudge matches and several important title ashes. Along the way presented without commercial interruption fin. Baylor would fight carlo. Raleigh one more time for the nfc championship the last time. These two fought. The prince was put under shell for months with a broken jaw butts one. This time o'reilly might do need to do even more to capture the gold. Two men could be considered a number one contenders for the nfc championship over. The after new year's evil with deeming priests having put himself in the crosshairs of carrying cross doomsday has returned to wd but the archer infamy planned to stop him before he could do any damage. Rare ripley raquel. Gonzalez were once friends. Now they have become bitter rivals in last woman standing match. The two fought to prove who was truly the biggest judgment in the women's division and san jose escobar has ruined the chances of so many young stars and cruiserweight champion but grand metallic has not was not afraid of him or llegado. Del fantasma the monday night were all star was happy for his opportunity and finally gad gold to his legacy and wwe finally zay and boa where set to return to the ring molded by an absolutely barbaric training regimen from mysterious teacher and even more mysterious woman behind him. No one knew what to expect this. Returning group of change performers hosted by dexter lewis new year's evil promised to be a special night tap talent stepped into the ring for the first time or for the last time heralding new year with some early potential match of the year contenders. And one of those matches saw damian priests smiling in face of the early destruction of carrying bras he rocked the doomsday deviant with a series of right hands and kicks however the rise of the Infamy load him to not keep control of this fight cross trapped priests industry of whoa and targeted the reds with dumps and an unpatented knee strike. He tried to turn into a saito soup. Superplex but airtran for me escaped the plant and planted to doomsday deviant with a razor's edge suffering through each move priest still managed to hit a running springboard somersault plunge into a spinning heel kick. There it is again. A heel kick by won't be considered a baby face. I really gotta wonder about that. And to south of heaven for all cross responded with a release german suplex empower rom for a near fall outside a two fought through the pain across finally took. The unstoppable edge. He slammed nurture and from his ribs into the steel stage. Then his back into the steel steps a psycho suplex in a running forearm to the back of the neck. Nail it with cross standing triumphant. So we'll carrying crosses an established star in other companies moso. Was you know. So was dana priest as punishment in ring runner so and carrying cross was Killer in wanna have someone named killer. I guess in wbz. So i haven't seen this yet. So see how it turns out and i assume while i'm watching it. I'm not going to be dead silent.

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