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We don't know that unless you're tape. Yeah Right. That's true though that was so it was for people over sixty five flu covering serious complications Bieber can mean the flu so watch for symptoms with the exegen temporal skin. It's quick and easy to use. Here's Bob and Sheri. Let's talk real quick about a lorry Loftland so they've put their house on the market. They live in Belair. Belair is like the swaggie part of Beverly Hills. It is you know like any any fool with fifteen million dollars for a shed could live in Beverly Hills on the flats throat. They live in Belair without their home is on the market. Now it's twelve thousand square feet. It has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms that is that is nine. Bathrooms bathrooms for my daughter's to render unfit for human habitation They also have an eaton. Chef's kitchen paneled library and outdoor courtyard swimming swimming pool the property was used as collateral for their two million dollar bail and Her husband was told that because they put the property up his bail collateral if there were any violations in terms of their bail the government could foreclose on their house. We wouldn't don't you think that they have cash money or stocks that they could sell that would cover the two million dollars. Would you have to put your house as the collateral because is why would you cash out your investments in this economy. Tissues Your House. That's true they'll have to sell it. It's just there it's just is there so some people say that they're selling it because they know that they're facing jail time both of them and other people say they're selling it because because they're empty nesters and it has six bedrooms nine bathrooms and twelve thousand square feet. It could be both or either one of those. Yeah the other thing his The neighbors know of what's going on. And when you're going down to get the paper and you see one of the neighbors gone. Oh Hi you know maybe maybe you want to go to a new. I mean I don't know what they're deal is with their neighbors. Maybe the neighbors of bringing over casseroles for all I know I'm GonNa go ahead and guess that They don't get their own mail and never pursue neighbor because they probably live behind gates yet but some of the security. They still have neighbors though even if they're famous or rich you know. I mentioned that Ozzy. He lives next the Pat Boone and they know each other. It's just interesting to see like you don't wish I don't wish evil on on anyone much less on at Becky from full House. But y'all did y'all did some stuff and now you're in trouble for the stuff. Aw allegedly did and if you're not successful in court you're going to go to jail for a while and also your kids have moved out and you probably don't need six bedrooms. Nine bathrooms the thing the thing and the description that jumps out at me okay. You've got six bedrooms. All right I know people with four five five bedrooms so you got one more than family. That's got real nice house. Nine bathrooms eating. I mean that's a lot so that what that. What is there though if you think about it? Because now I'm going to channel my Beverly Hills real estate agent. Well each bedroom has its own bathroom and then of course you have to have baths for guests sts and a bathroom in your pool house. There's your nine maybe one in the workout room. There's your they're that way that's right Mr Lacey. See this home is considered to be under bathroom D- But we have a list of contractors. We recommend who could put in new bathroom. Have you seen the property any brothers. Have you ever seen the backyard of Rod. Stewart's pillar us all. It was in architectural digest. A few years ago so I was standing in line at the a supermarket and once in a while they'd have architectural digest. I don't think they do anymore because it probably costs like twenty five dollars to get but anyway there's Rod Stewart you know in all his Rod Stewart Ish. This and I said Oh i WanNa see the in the back of it. It looks like paradise is there is there. I think there was if I recall a peacock walking around these exotic Palm trees I mean it was just over the top a beautiful it of course a pool without and all and he never goes outside. 'cause he's endorsed plane with his training with the trains. I saw When Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes broke up there was all sorts of press coverage around that and I saw Jimmy Fox's backyard and my guide but I think everybody ninety at that level in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and wherever else. I think older backyards look like that yeah. I don't know if it's always been that way. I think it's it's it's been so much more lucrative to be a movie star a Rockstar. Now than it was in the earlier periods. Like the nineteen sixties season Seventies. Do you know who George Hamilton is. the guy with the team of the Tan- Yes so he was like a semi big star during during the nineteen sixties. I guess and then he would come back and he'd be a character actor on TV or something so he did okay and he's living in Bel Air but you used to call friends and say can I borrow your Rolls Royce. I'm going to an open. OCCAS he didn't have they didn't have all of it that way. Well I think part of the reason that so many of us still support and defend Britney Spears's is because we know our girl has a rusty swing set somewhere back there. It's true there no peacocks. There's a rusty swing set and one soccer shoe. And you know the kid rock's pool it's still a wreck. Oh yeah there's there's furniture in it and it hasn't McLean five years it's Bobbin Sherry Breath Sherry tune in there's a Portion of the Sunday New York Times that I like to read is called the ethicist and and basically people will write in with questions of whether or not they should do one thing or another. Is it ethical to do this. They pose a problem problem and this was kind of an unusual one and an interesting one. This woman I got the feeling she was a little older and she was the second wife to her husband who was older than she was. Because at one point she's referring to after he passes or I don't know if he's Zillur not but she's looking into the future. Hey and to the ethicist she asked. I don't really love his children. Should I pretend to. I am polite around around them and when they come to visit us you know give me a hug and say love you and I will say love you right back but I really don't if my husband I've been should pass on. I really don't think I want to have to see them again. Is this wrong I know oh it was cold but I looked at it because I know someone that experienced that exact thing that felt as she feels evidently because the the woman's father father passed her mother had already died and He left the most of his Fortune to to his second wife. She had nothing to do with the children. I can't even think the scenario you're describing makes no sense. I'm just right. And they lived in the same town or or the next town over Kevin. Kevin saw the article to this at this. It was like week or two ago Because we talked about it. I was like if anything happens to you if your kids think. They're getting rid of me. Think again he's like they'd rather have view the me. You're more diplomatic which is true. How `Bout Bhardwaj diplomat? How about if you're you're you're a nice person? You're not like the woman women I just described but you just don't feel anything for the kids. So what should you do in that situation. I I don't know it's it's hard for me to put myself in that situation. I mean it doesn't seem like a hard sich up to to be at least peripherally Available for birthdays. He's and I don't know Christmas time might. Might you show up a little bit. My guesses is that she. She thinks she's he's fooling somebody and she isn't my guess. Is those kids know that she does not care for them and so the relationship will naturally disintegrate when when their fathers gone. That's just my and perhaps that's the best thing for Bolsa. Yeah unless that letter was signed love Meryl Streep I think people are not as good. We all think we're much better actors than we are. I grew and you Kinda know unless somebody is really good. You SORTA know when a person doesn't like you and care about you don't want you around. Don't I. Can Walk down the hall here and most people. I think really like us but I can pick up the vibe that is negative no matter what this person is saying to me and I think that you know what I'm Talkin. Yeah I think the kids even grown kids are pretty sensitive and intuit it in about the people that their parents married. So what's the best thing to do just to be honest and just you know. Say CYA NAHRA I. I think that the best thing to do is what will happen. Naturally is the relationships will naturally grow. DIS disagree. I don't think there's any reason to call a meeting and say well your Dad's instead and I never liked you see me. That's just nuts. And why would you do it. Isn't it weird that the person your father was sleeping in with the person that you went over to for Thanksgiving for that need. It sounded like they'd been together quite a few years for years and years and years you grew up around around this person and now. I don't think that I could marry somebody that felt that way about my kids. 'cause I would know. Yeah Yeah I see your point is people are not good enough actor. I see your point. No they're not so there's that Yeah Doc it's an interesting question though isn't that I'd like turn on picks. I bet those kids know and the feeling is mutual we. We don't need drama. They'll just drift away but the kids are being polite saying love you when they come over especially after a point. Grown kids can be very polite flight. Yeah Yeah I think. Teenagers have trouble. Faking it and little kids. Won't they won't fake it you. Yeah sometimes I prefer the company of little kids for that reason because you know where.

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